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Alien Anarchy

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Explorer 5 Points

Place the loot into the slot of the wrong shape

Richman 5 Points

Buy a weapon

Still Alive 5 Points

Survive for 4 days

Commander 10 Points

Hire a henchman

Defender 10 Points

Kill 1000 enemies

Engineer 10 Points

Upgrade any mod\nup to level 3

Regicide 10 Points

Kill 10 bosses

Surprise! 10 Points

Kill the enemy with a mine

Killer 25 Points

Kill 10 000 enemies

Enlightening 50 Points

Evolve all the skills to level 7

Home, Sweet Home! 50 Points

Win the game

Monster Killer 50 Points

Get the Moster Kill message 3 times

Stainless Steel Base 50 Points

Have your base undamaged in the end of the day

Butcher 100 Points

Kill 30 000 enemies

Ultimate Winner 100 Points

Win the game for each of the 3 characters

Author Comments

The group of brave space voyagers made a crash landing on a distant planet. They've encountered hostile inhabitants who claimed to cut the invaders' heads off. So, now you have to defend your crew as long as possible while repairing the ship.

- 3 hero classes
- 12 weapons
- 7 weapon modifiers which provide unique abilities and unlock various strategies
- 7 skills with 10 levels each
- hundreds of enemies trying to get you dead or alive

What else do you need to have fun? Oh, did we mention that the planet was the Earth and the voyagers were the aliens?

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Ok I don't mind that skill upgrade go past 7, but I had 1 not come up at all and beat the game as that character.
really should set once they get to say 8 or 9 they don't come up as often or max out at 9 or 10.
Also would like to see stats area to see what you killed
I mean i got to 30k kill and one skil barley comes up is at level 3 Maybe have a feature after you beat the game you can roll some stats over to another character.

What a grind, but what an easy addiction too! The crafting and power-up system feels solid, though I wish there was some kind of quality toggle for low-end systems. Maybe an option to disable effects too? Lags a bit with hoards. Appreciate everything about it otherwise, from the aesthetics to the grand adventure itself - it's just about long enough. Alien twist is cool too.


OMFG if its unbelievable that many times its fucking believable also it was annoying when loot alert would get in the way of my shots also i got the undamaged achievement all the way on day 35 O.O
phew 3 days later and i finally beat this game with 3 characters. two more points i need to get across. 1 mr secret sucks so bad with the mines all he does is spam them up high right before the enemies stop and 2 the sticky nades from doc dont go up to those top two levels on the field.

Wow nice game

This game has a very "FRESH" visual about it some nice style, lots of ai with some smart actions really some intense action points and lots of upgrades and the whole "CRAFT" idea was brilliant, I think adding more medals with some easy achievment points would be another plus. Well let me get this review started, first of all you have submitted something fun and interesting here, you have also kept my interest and made for an enjoyble experiece, and I got a kick out of this, I even had a Chuckle or two, out of it all, and I guess thats the ideas, but lets really get down to the nitty gritty of the review.

I think adding more medals with some easy achievment points would be another plus



This game is super addictive (Since I love achieving medals so much).

I play continuously 3 days. After work, after work and after work. I think I spent like 12 hours in total. I just wanna reach the "The Stainless Steel Base" medal so bad man. I couldn't help it. But turn out, it took me a very long journey. My character reach Leve 49 and on The Day 35 I've got that medal.

IMHO. If you want to reach that kind of medal. You have to focus on increasing level of money, experience, defences, attack and the repair time. Focus on them. Reach them all over Level 9 and you are set!

Oh almost forgot. When you can buy The Heavy Weapons, BUY IT and upgrade it!

Credits & Info

4.27 / 5.00

May 9, 2013
5:20 PM EDT