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This is the first of my two theses at The University of the Arts.

An annoying kid enters a petshop and starts screwing with the animals, much to the chagrin of the apathetic store clerk.

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Was randomly sifting through my favorites, must have been awhile since I've seen this because I totally forgot about the punchline haha. Great stuff man, hope animation is still going well for you

Hahaha funny video man. I was so not expecting that.

The velociraptor noise from Jurassic Park made me bust up for some reason.

TimeWasted responds:

Bust up? Like...get an erection? ('Cause that happened to me, too)

I thought that kid put his finger on the piranha's bowl and got his hand bitten, instead a saber tooth rip his arm off. LOL XD

I was messing with my volume the whole time like "Is there any sound to this thing?" but then I realized there is probably something REALLY loud at the end and I got my sound down just in time to not have my face blown off by mountain lion roar. In all, hilarious.

Also, that hermit crab poster. Yes. Seriously. They reek and you can't do a damn thing with them.

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4.34 / 5.00

May 9, 2013
4:17 PM EDT