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Wonder Squad Ep8 Part 2

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IRON LUNG AND FRIENDS encounter Kevin Bacon.


What was up with the New Jersey t-shirt? Just asking.... Yep neo-native Americans are quite prone to pawnage, sad that :| As usual I loved the timing and the action. The heartfelt and distinctive voice acting is beyond reproach, and lends itself to modern movie production details. in a variety of ways. Yup. Must be that hydro.

batman got fat!?!?!??!

3rabbitsproductions responds:

It's actually "Smart Guy." Lol :) No seriously...the character of Smart Guy (who's real name is actually Bill Gates in the show) is a parody of NIGHT OWL from the graphic novel WATCHMEN. Nothing to do with Batman...but I do love Batman...he is undoubtedly my favorite DC character...and I do make fun of "The Christian Bale" on occasion...(episode 6+7) but the only relation Smart Guy has to Batman is his English Butler and the fact that his parents were murdered coming out of a porno theater when he was a child. Thanks for your comments and for watching! There is much more to come!

lol "Can't read this? Stop drinking", Kevin Bacon looks cool. Also great job on the voice acting, it's crazy/awesome you are doing them all on your own.

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3rabbitsproductions responds:

Thank you so much! Part 3 is on it's way...But since I do each episode on my own (and I try to make each one at least 20 minutes) it tends to take about 2 to three weeks for me to do make it/ edit a complete episode so I appreciate your comments! Comments like this let me know that I'm actually somewhat funny and they give me the motivation to keep going with the show. Thank you very much, buddy.

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3.56 / 5.00

May 8, 2013
9:30 AM EDT
Comedy - Original