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pre-alpha version of my zombie game
-middle click red square to place physics box
-left click it to make static box
-right click to shoot
-double middle click a box to destroy it
Update adds
-evolution update (new mobs)
-building update
-better map
-better textures
-bug fixes
-WASD now works


Bullets shot seem to be collide weirdly, zombies jump up and down like crazy, the main character disappears into the sky after a minute or so. The engine/framework of this game definitely needs to be improved; if basic movement controls were added to the player character it would be fun to mess around with for a little while but as it is now this is barely a game.

Spasmgames responds:

1. this is pre-alpha 0.0, it took me two weeks, and i barely worked on it, like I was going to say, I plan on adding more every day, and updating frequently, if you are going to give constructive critisism, im ok with that, but you don't have to be a douche.
2. most of the things you said DONT happen, take your snide ass to somewhere where people give a fuck
3. cvbdfgert, i understand you were giving constructive critisism, im not yelling at you in general, im speaking to all of you. and i did change the movement controls, i will update today (adding new enemy types, better textures, and better mechanics, i plan on making this game as good as it can be, just please don't yell at me about it, I'm only one person.

Controls made no sense. Keep your beta tests on your dumping grounds.

What the hell?

Is this even a game?

lamest game on here ever

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2.11 / 5.00

May 7, 2013
12:14 AM EDT
Adventure - Other