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UPDATE 2 (6/8/13):
Changed the control scheme. You can now drag out a selection rather than clicking each shape individually. Thanks to "rostok" and "zachwlewis" from the flash punk forums for the suggestion to change it.

It seems like the internal high-scores aren't working at the moment so I need to do some tweaking. The Newgrounds ones should work fine though. ;)

The objective of the game is to select four shapes that form a square. The square can be at any angle but it must have four sides of equal length.

I did not come up with this concept. It's pretty much a direct clone of "Squarez" by Eric Burgess. I tweaked the game-play and updated the game a decent amount visually but for all intents and purposes it's almost the same game.

My main reason for making this was because I loved his original game and I wanted to test my programing abilities. I also wanted to be able to compete against others with a high-score table.

So if you like the game please go download his version and show him some support.

Flash Develop - IDE
FlashPunk - 2d Library
LMMS - Music Sequencer
GIMP - Image Editor
SFXR - Sound Effect Generator


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This is really well done! The music fits perfectly, and that was something the original was sorely lacking. I agree that the hints come a bit too soon, and an option to disable them would be nice. It's already a little easier than the original because of the fancy and awesome drag-select feature, but then again, the original was probably way too hard.

5/5, although I may be a tiny bit biased.

-Eric Burgess

PS: Thanks! Coming across your game really made my day, and I registered just to post this.

Jools64 responds:

Wow, I'm really glad you came across my little remake. I loved the original, such a cool idea. I couldn't resist remaking it.

Thanks for the feedback, my day has also been made. ;)


It probably wasn't that fun objectively speaking, compared to the stuff on Newgrounds today, but I couldn't find many free and fun games on the Internet back then.

This version improves a bunch of flaws the original had. Have full marks for giving me an evening's nostalgia.

It's clever and pretty fun. The hints come too early, though. It's somewhat annoying to have things pointed out before you've even got to look around thoroughly yourself. The pause feature is unnecessary as it does not pause actually pause the game. It's clickable and gives you a pause screen, but you can still run out the timer in it and lose the game.

Overall it's not bad though. Good work. :)

Jools64 responds:

Thanks. :)
I didn't realize I left the timer still going, thanks for letting me know. I'll go fix that.

It's hard but fun and very creative. 9/10

A kinda fun game. Too difficult to see but maybe that is only my own difficulty. It's a tough thing trying to say how you could improve the game. It is nice that you give the player hints, but the overall thing is not playable enough.

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4.63 / 5.00

May 5, 2013
9:04 PM EDT