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The Rules Are Simple...

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UPDATE 11/19/2013:

This game is now available for purchase and comes with 3 other games!

This is my Ludum Dare 26 entry. I adjusted some of the levels based on some feedback so this version is a bit easier / more accessible then the original entry.

The controls are pretty self explanatory...you'll see.

Also if you reach the end. Take a screenshot of your "finished artwork" and tweet to to me @saampahlavan...you'll see what I mean.

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Took me seven years to discover this game, and I am so glad I found it

This is so cool! I *love* minimalist games, I *love* games that go all in on a unique concept and I *love* games that recognize the medium as ultimately an aesthetic one and lean into that artistically. This really scratches every single itch. I'm embarrassed to say I was nearly through the game before I went "hmm, this reminds me of Mondrian"... then I saw the victory screen and facepalmed. Cool art tool at the end too!

Short game, but has an original concept and is fun.

Amazing. just amazing

Certain levels reminded me of "the hardest game in the world" and "city jumper". Guess I've played too many of these things...

Overall a nice game. Felt that some levels were unnecessary, and that you could have added a few more twists to the rules. To do that you may have to compromise the "rules are monotonusly getting simpler at each change" theme, though.