Reviews for "The Rules Are Simple..."

Very enjoyable, but more difficult than it really needed to be with the extremely tight timing. Though it's especially present in the early levels, the level design is just so unforgiving as to be grueling.

The idea to harness the theme of "minimalism" was wonderfully thought out, and executed smoothly, if not to its full potential.

One gripe I have is just the limited level design. A lot can be done with platformers, even just with a 'death block' and jumping mechanics. That you didn't try to make more novel of a platformer was a bit disappointing.

The clearance for 'one jump' for red blocks was also very narrow, making them a bit more difficult that I think intended, though this is more a private pet peeve.

The comment about art and the ending were also quite a nice touch to wrap up the piece. Overall, well done and well executed, but I'm going to take points off because it simply isn't that fun besides as an experimental piece on minimalism and because it wasn't very ambitious as a platformer or game.

That being said, I did like some of those final levels where you could only jump, especially the one consisting only of tubes and elevators. :)

Interesting note: as the rules get simpler, you lose more, and more control, even the first change in many way limits you, rules limit you, but at the same time, they can grant you more freedom then you could have without them, I think that was something you were going for, right? But at the same time, their are advateges to letting go

Nice job! A little hard but easy to learn and the rhythm takes some getting used to. The physics worked with my brain space and I really enjoyed it. The end-screen was fun as well. Not sure what I would improve, as I like it quietly understated and a bit meta. Good job!

Ok game, but it was a bit short :)