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Update: Harvester and Hunter bug fixed: They will no longer not be able to drop off their inventories into a chest.

Buttons no longer look locked.

Survive as long as you can in this genre mashup between Survival Horror and Real Time Strategy. Build your shelter, save your survivors, kill some zombies.

Master Control List:

W - Scroll Camera Up
A - Scroll Camera Left
S - Scroll Camera Down
D - Scroll Camera Right

B (When Hunter or Builder is Selected) - Enter/Leave Build Mode
Q (When in Build Mode) - Rotate Placeable Building Counter-Clockwise
E (When in Build Mode) - Rotate Placeable Building Clockwise

Z (With Selected Unit) - Toggle Attack Type
C (With Selected Unit) - Halt
R (With Selected Scout or Hunter) - Reload Weapon

Left Click (On Selectable Unit) - Select Unit
Left Click (On Selected Unit) - Deselect Unit
Left Click (On Door) - Open/Shut Door
Shift + Left Click (With Selected Unit) - Move To Location
Shift + Left Click (With Selected Harvester) - Move To Location/Harvest from Resource
Shift + Left Click (With Selected Unit, On Unit) - Follow Unit
Shift + Left Click (With Selected Unit, On Zombie) - Attack Zombie
Shift + Left Click (On Dresser with Unit Selected) - Open Job Changer Menu
Shift + Left Click (On Fire Pit) - Convert 2 Wood to 1 Food
Shift + Left Click (On Gun Cabinet) - Convert 1 Metal to 10 Ammo
Control + Left Click (On Unit) - Return Unit to Nearest Storage Chest (if one exists)
Control + Left Click (On Building In Construction) - Cancel Building (Returns 1/2 Spent Resources)

Spacebar (With Selected Unit) - Deselect Unit

Free Build Controls:

Q (When in Free Build Mode) - Create a Zombie at Mouse
E (When in Free Build Mode) - Create a Survivor at Mouse
R (When in Free

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Great concept. Needs some improvement, such as the ability to remove things you have built but decide you want to put them somewhere else, also, I don't know if its your game or if it's my computer, but I am experiencing some insane lag, it freezes for several seconds, every several seconds, and it makes this game not even worth playing. This is the only game I have had lag problems with on Newgrounds. Other than that, SURVIVAL HORROR RTS! very exciting! there is SO much potential for this idea keep up the good work, fix the bugs, you have one hell of a game started :D

SirenGames responds:

Thanks for the kind words! Yeah. The lag is definitely on our end, not your PC. This was one of our very first projects on a new engine, so it's pretty limited in features. We had a lot more planned but we were pressed for time, so we cut the features short and released what we had for a game jam. Now that we're MUCH more knowledgeable, we plan on going back and remaking this some day. Right now we're working on another big project that will hopefully blow this concept out of the water.