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Control two brackets and blast those shapes before they kill you or something...

WASD - Movement
Arrow Keys - Shooting
[( )] - Shield: Invincible for 10 seconds
[+] - HP: Gives you 5 HP

Made in 48 hours for Ludum Dare 26!

http://www.yukonw.com/ - Dev-blog and cool stuff!

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Pretty cool, really easy though and gets kinda repetitive. I like the background though!

YWainczak responds:

Thanks for the review!

It was kind of fun for a while but I just simply could not die as I get the +5 lives and temp. invincibility too often. And it seems that the difficulty of the game plateaus pretty early on --- it was just the same 3 types of monsters. So I got bored when I got to ~100K points and just let my bracket die.

I found it the easiest to stay on the left side, hold down right to shoot, and only move up or down when necessary. And dive into the scrum whenever you see a power-up.

Decent little game, but seriously need more variations (of monsters, power-ups, levels, etc) to be great.

YWainczak responds:

Thanks for the review! I agree it could have used some work, but I ended up being a little more busy during the Ludum Dare weekend doing other stuff.

awesome idea and 4th place of all time as of today baybay lol

YWainczak responds:

Thanks for the review!

really addicting!

YWainczak responds:


fun for a short time

YWainczak responds:

Thanks for the review!

Credits & Info

3.80 / 5.00

Apr 30, 2013
7:03 PM EDT