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Some people have problems. It may not be your job to help them out, but it's no one's job to just walk by.

Use your mouse. Click where to go, hold down mouse to keep walking. Interact by clicking on square bubbles.

Made in 72 hours for LudumDare 26.

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It's a nice little game! I don't see what some people find so complicated about it... your buddy at the center needs major help getting some stuff. Some other people have that stuff, some don't, and they all need help with other stuff they want/need. It 's up to you whether or not you feel like helping them all!

The oddest thing I saw in the game were the poles with pulleys and strings, not sure what's the meaning behind those...

this game is soooo long ... this is a kinda boring but is a cool game ^^

I typically keep to myself in regards to reviewing games, but after seeing a startling similarity in the negativity in reviews towards both this charming little game as well as a gem I got from the Humble Indie Bundle, Proteus by Ed Key and David Kanaga, I feel as though I must speak my mind. First things first: I do believe that this, like the other is a game and that they both have a purpose or goal it's just that a lot of people seem to miss it. Being such a rapidly moving and growing artistic field what makes something a "video game" is different from person to person. For me it needs to fill two basic characteristics: 1. it must be some sort of interactive media (check) and 2. there needs to be some purpose and/or goal (also check). Now here is where things get interesting. "What about sandbox games or social games?" You may ask me. Well aren't the intents/goals of those games obvious? Build, explore, make friends, and in some cases dress up your avatar I suppose.
Now lets look at this nice little gem here. It is very simplistic and charming, as was the intent. I feel like there could be a little bit more with the visuals in a way to assist finding your way around besides the dinky little minimap that I didn't even notice for a large majority of the game. And even then I still missed objects and people (but I did not get lost as easily). But given the time you had to make this in whatever no biggie. I don't see why people are having such a hard time figuring out what to do! The figures drawn in black need certain items for whatever reason, and it is up to you to find said item and return it to them, as a good deed. There is indeed a challenge of figuring out what a certain person needs or, if you are like me, getting lost once or twice. The game is simple, straight-forward (once you figure out what some of the symbols mean), has nice music, visuals, and is very calming. I like it! Now, of course I'm fully aware that simple calming games like oh the aforementioned Proteus or Animal Crossing aren't everyone's cup of tea and many people will get disappointed/confused/angry(??? based on observation) that a game doesn't have a lot of action or craaazyzyzy stuff going on that people will automatically think its "dumb" or "stupid" or "pointless" but what happened to I dunno stopping and smelling the (virtual) roses? I've only played Proteus once but I clocked nearly an hour and a half just exploring a single island (that I admittedly rushed through). You can chase around animals that make jingling music or just admire the sky and strange celestial patterns. Playing that game calmed me right down. Hell, one of my favorite things in GuildWars 2 is the exploration! That's just the kind of gamer I am. If that kind of exploring simple stuff isn't for you and you prefer something more high-action, then that's totally okay!!! But that doesn't make this any less of a good game.

tl;dr for you lazy folks: This game is really nice and simple and calming and I like it and I do believe it has a game and a goal that you need to reach at the end and just because its super simple and doesn't have some insane challenge or action doesn't make it any less of a game or that it is dumb/stupid/pointless. Keep up the good work!! And have a great day!!

I was pretty confused what I was doing for a while, but I really liked it after a bit. It was a nice, calm game to relax to. I really enjoyed it.

I am honestly a bit unsure how to judge this. As a project you did it is great. You put effort in it. made everything work smoothly, apparently created a nice soundtrack by yourself. Nice animations, eccelent rewarding sounds, comparable to proffesional video games. Now here is my problem: What is this? No question it demonstrates your skill in making... something quite nicely but neither as a game, nor as art does this show any value. The "Game" part of this was only basic interaction, there was no challenge and no way to change the outcome. Now for an art game this is usually acceptable to do, when all you want to achieve is to draw more attention to the storyline, immersing the player. However the content of this game is the basic running around, delivering people stuff. Now I get that your message is, that you should help people with their problems, but since these ones are obviously just sitting around, waiting for someone to do the basic chore they won´t the storyline itself is the same as in games that are based on agility or intelligence, using the storyline only as an excuse to let the player have fun. So the Gameplay is "designed" to support the storyline and the storyline is "designed" to support the gamplay.
As much as a conclusion like this hurts to make but: you did good, what you wanted to do but completly failed to set your goal correctly.

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3.38 / 5.00

Apr 30, 2013
8:01 AM EDT