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Punk Page demo

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Not yet finish. My sound program is ating up.


Not bad...

First off, when this gets done, you will get a much higher rating, good bands, good songs. Haha... sorry, interactivity got a 5 cause it IS only half way done.
Secondly, to the people fighting via your rating page... if you wanna, you can call any band, anything you want... who cares? Why is that this artists fault? You can call Good Charlott punk rock, and the Ramones pop for all I care.


DIstillers rule all the bands on there are good ill work with u on this jus pm me(w/ the music ofcourse)

P.S. There was no back button

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Well it's good

Ok, for the guy below my comment: Can you read?, the flash animation is not yet finish... so it's normal that the only working song is from the distiller... And, you I agree that the Misfits are really fast punk. And for your flash, in general, it's a good idea but it really need work....

this blows..

This is horrible, only the distillers song works. This should be blammed from NG.

and to the guy below me in reviews, the misfits were Definetly punk. If you want to call them rock, then call them really fast rock with kids pogoing and going crazy in the crowd. Oh wait but rock bands didn't have kids doing that at their concerts, dumbass.

this sucked

ok this isnt punk at all, but to the kid below me the misfits aren’t a punk band nor have they ever been a punk band there horror rock and it really piss me off to see all these kids liking them cuz its cool to or there popular or just cuz hot topic sells there shit.

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3.15 / 5.00

Aug 25, 2002
4:55 PM EDT
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