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This is a game created by Nick Faro and Duran Coleman in 48 hours, for the LudumDare game compo.

You are esteemed miner Richard, and have one final task before your retirement: Kill Charles Flint, the evil firespitting gnome of subterranean evil.

There are heaps of secrets, see if you can find them all (including an underlying, somewhat depressing subplot and the most glorious treasure of all...)

Dodge Whistlets, bombs, Jakes and Jacks and all kinds of other ridiculousness that we could think up.

Also, please read the HOWTO.

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It's a great concept and an addicting game, but it has a lot of bugs. For being coded in 48 hours, this is very understandable, but I do encourage that you go back to fix the bugs because this could become a really great game. For one, it tends to lag a lot with multiple enemies on screen. The enemies tend to disappear and every screen that I was on, they completely froze and stopped moving. That's hard to complain about because it made the game a lot easier. c: But I did die or three times very unfairly. I was digging a tunnel underneath the enemies, and I would keep getting hit (for what looked to be no reason) and die. Only after I died did the enemy become visible. They apparently lagged through the dirt down to me (I had one line of blocks separating us). It's a very fun game but that in itself kept me from playing again. I feel that some sort of check point system is essential in this game. I get the appeal of a challenge to see how far you can make it, but at the same time, it's very frustrating for the player to have to start at square 1 when it's quite time consuming to gather all the treasure, especially with all these unfair deaths.

It would be an interesting feature if even when you died, you still could keep your stack of treasure and it builds up. Then again I'm thinking of the game Luigi's Mansion. Every time you beat the game, all the riches you had collected added up. It's just a silly little idea. You don't have to take it into consideration.

Despite what someone said, it didn't remind me of Terraria at all, or even Minecraft, which is a very good thing. I think it's very important for developers to make a digging game that stands out and differs from the already popular games out there. All and all, this is an addicting game. It has a lot of bugs though and if those were just gone, I could see it going on the front page or something.

sapperengineer responds:

Wow! Thanks for the very detailed writeup! It's true that the game has some bugs. I actually patched a lot of them and tried to upload to Newgrounds but for some reason it wouldn't actually update, so this is a buggy outdated version...

Me and Duran are definitely planning a sequel to this with most of the fixes you suggested/checkpoints/etc.

Again, thanks for the encouragement!

lovely game! some minor bugs: i have also noticed, that sometimes health pack takes away hearts rather than adding... sometimes digger does not fall down in 2 block gap. on the level where 4 red blocks running around in two separate "tunnels", 2 of them disappeared after a while... i mean, i killed 2, then my roommate asked me to let him check his email, so after i came back (10-15mins) other 2 were gone.

Pretty simple but i could definitly paly for a long time! good game! it make s me think jof packman a little bit! great work!

Good, fits the theme, and addicting. The big problem I had with it was dying by touching what appeared to be a health pack.

Beginning text scrolls too slowly and is unskippable. No visual feedback to any attack's hitbox. Everything moves when you read signs, but you can't hit anything.

Good start, interesting concept, but need a bit more work.

sapperengineer responds:

Use K to skip the intro text.

Edit: Thanks for all the sincere feedback. We made this in 48 hours, but plan on making a sequel. We'll take your advice into consideration.

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Apr 29, 2013
9:21 PM EDT
Action - Platformer - Hop and Bop