Chaos War Ep.6 Part 2

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Okay! Here's the second part of Chaos War episode 6! Everything continues on from part 1 as things seem to get deeper and more complicated for heroes and villains. Betrayal and love.... and who was Darkspine talking about? What exactly happened to the twins when Darkspine merged with the demon? Well I'm not answering any of these for you... just gotta wait for episode 7!

Credit to all respective owners and special credit to Ri'chard & Cheyenne for previewing the Flash for me before-hand for errors! You guys are awesome!
Thank you DoubleS, DestructionSeries, SonicFan450, Ri'chard, Frost, Blade, and for keeping me motivated and giving me tips and ideas for this episode! Couldn't do it without you guys!
And thank you Ace of Spades for watching me work today from when I started animating to when I finished! That really keep me motivated!
Thanks to everyone who supported me and gave me advice as I finished up the episode quite a good bit sooner than I thought I would! THANKS FOR SUPPORTING ME SO MUCH GUYS! If it's too loud for you, TURN DOWN YOUR OWN VOLUME! DON'T COMPLAIN ABOUT IT TO ME!

If you catch anything wrong with the sound or some buttons don't work, LET ME KNOW AND I'LL ATTEMPT TO FIX THEM!
Again, please enjoy the video. If you liked it tell me what you liked, and if you didn't tell me what you'd like to see changed.


NICE!!! love the story,too.

when john was an babie then was darkspine come out of him and what you are seeing in the ending is the real form of when darkspine was in john

Can't...stop..twitching..from..some much..awesome! i see you've improved by leap and bounds. keep going full tilt!


ven is the best thats my favorite good job

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Apr 28, 2013
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