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Let's Invent a holiday

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My Nata 2013 open round entry.

Theme: "A new holiday"

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i cry so hard this amazing. animation is awesome, cool work here 4/4

Very good work! Original story, great voice acting and nicely animated!

Love it

CyanSandwich responds:

I accept this.

I'll actually beg to differ, the text moving too fast assisted with the tension and the implication of how reality-warping the statement actually was.

This animation worked out really well. I laughed at "I'm the only answer." That was perfect.

CyanSandwich responds:

In a sense I agree with both you and the other guy. It was too fast for most people to read/process it, but that wasn't as necessary as the effect, imo.

Thanks for reviewing Sir! (Undead)

yea but what is a paradox alway. i dont under stand it. tell me