TE 02 - Fat Knight

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A new Tomato Engine adventure game! TE #02 - Fat Knight. The story puts you in the shoes of the town jerk who also happens to be fat. Those two things are completely unrelated. In hopes of gaining the love from his fellow townsfolk, he goes out to slay the Evil Wizard. Can you solve the one puzzle in this game? Can you find the Evil Wizard's weakness?!

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Completed game in under 2 minutes, especially after having figured out the buttons and what they represented.


Sword, Cheese, Mouse Hole, Locked Door and suddenly a wizard and with having no other places to have been able to venture to find any sort of secrets regarding the wizard, it was again obvious ... too obvious that you needed to use sword on the wizard then bam, game done. "Yeah, we were keeping score" and scored a 4. Tried again and this time took longer, used every possible option except what I was supposed to use, beat the wizard again with his weakness being a sword through the chest, again, score of 4.

Revise the score system so that it actually dictates a score different from 4 and make it more difficult to get to the wizard. This game was a little too short and too easy to get through. I do enjoy the DS style UI, it's just this game needs more.

Great effort into the game itself, this I'm aware, but games like this are worth playing through at the very least a couple dozen puzzles before finally being able to get to the wizard and destroy him. Hell, It'd be even awesome if the mouse hole was hidden in a different part of the castle rather than right next to the guard itself.

The game "TE 02 - Fat Knight" is a click, puzzle-adventure game.
The game's theme starts kind of happy but as the story begins, there is no background music.
Just the sound of a not recognizable sound which sounds like fire burning.

The idea of packing the game into a Nintendo DS is great.
The story starts with a unlikable (anti-)hero wanting to prove to the villagers that he is a good guy, not understanding that he makes mistakes which is the reason for his unpopularity.
The character defeats the Evil Wizard, to prove that he is a good guy.

What I don't fancy is that the storyboard is rather weak.
The "hero" of the game gets the ring of the evil wizard when defeated but doesn't have the chance to wear it because he has too fat fingers.
- What does the ring have to do with the Evil Wizard being slayed down?
- When was ist mentioned that the "hero" is searching for the ring?

In fact, the perscription you have given, quote:"The story puts you in the shoes of the town jerk who also happens to be fat. Those two things are completely unrelated" is another negative point.
Why should'nt the town's jerk be an unbeloved- jerky character and fat at the same time?

To be honest, I played the game in 5 minutes and finshed it and took another 2 minutes to search for some secrets.
Either it is my fault because I lack of the knowledge how to play the game and to find the Wizard's secret, or you just didn't give much effort to develop the game.
Another thing I don't like is that the story starts with seeming to have a message and does'nt at any chance. - Is that some kind of humor?

It kind of seems hard but I grand you 2/5 stars and 2/5 voting points!
Keep up the good work though.

The game overall was okay, i liked the story and the game play, however the controls where very confusing such as opening the door when you have the key. Also the puzzles could be harder as it didn't take long to work out how to do things and the wizard was easy to kill.

wwwwwwwopoooooooooooooooooooooooooooo www, LAME

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1.25 / 5.00

Apr 26, 2013
3:58 PM EDT
Adventure - Point 'n Click