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Board Horde

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Author Comments

Ludo Meets Lord Of The Rings in this one or two player fantasy board game; avoid traps, drink potions, kill monsters...escape!

Updated 2/8/2013 to include:
More Boards (bringing the total to 10)
Auto Move (hero will move automatically when there's only one that can move)
Less chance of A.I rolling a 6 on easier setting
Idle animations

In Board Horde the main aim is to get your three heroes to the exit before your opponent, using powerful potions and avoiding deadly traps and monsters along the way.

RULES on How To Play are on the menu screen, though in short: Touch/click the dice to roll it, choose your hero from the profile in the top left (or right, if you're red) and touch/click your hero after each dice roll to move (you can select more heroes on a roll of 6). Heroes will move automatically if only one of them is capable of moving.

If you run into any problems, please let me know the following details: device you're using, browser, and problem encountered.

All Horde names will be added to the online leaderboard if you win, whether you're signed into Clay.io (a gaming site used for storing online scores, among other things) or not.

All feedback is gratefully received.

Now get out there and die in a heroic fashion!

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little laggy

davehailwood responds:

Thanks for taking time to rate the game.

Lag can happen on older phone devices (especially where the audio is concerned, which is odd as all the SFX are preloaded before the game begins). I'm hoping to reduce the game's memory consumption once the competition is over by resizing some of the art assets.

By the way, if anyone experiences the game not getting past the 'loading' screen on PC, pressing the refresh key (F5) can solve this (you should see a message that reads: 'Touch here to start' when the game is ready). I've had this happen to me a few times now, though only when I change window tabs.

Nice game, I had lots of fun playing it. I really like the comical elements! :)

davehailwood responds:

Thanks, Blacksmith.

Best of luck with you own game (one day I'll get a score greater than zero!)

I like the game very much, but the A.I. is pretty much useless. The opponent passes opportunities to kick me out too often and takes too many risks (fighting with mage, placing warrior on traps etc.) Won 4/4 games without a single enemy charakter in goal.

davehailwood responds:

Hi barmonster,

Due to the tight competition deadline involved and the complexities of a.i. I only had time to implement 'Village Idiot' level of intelligence. Once the touchjam competition is over, adding more complex a.i. Is high on my priorities list (along with special hero skills and more boards).

Glad you enjoyed the game, and thanks for the feedback. i hope you find it more of a challenge once I've worked on the a.i. a bit more.

I have the same problem as HiddenFear09

davehailwood responds:

Unfortunately without more information it will be rather difficult for me to track down the problem.

Were you using a PC, an ipad, a mobile phone, a banana? If you were playing on PC, Chrome tends to be the most reliable browser and Firefox the least reliable (for my html5 game, at least). If you were playing on a banana, try switching it off and on again.

For Me its Stuck At 100%

davehailwood responds:

Sorry to hear the game didn't work for you. Out of curiosity, which device and browser were you using? If you try switching browsers that can sometimes do the trick.

Currently I know the game works on: ipad mini, ipad3, Samsung Galaxy 2 phones. And it seems to crash on old iPod touch devices (some problem concerning the music, which I haven't quite figured out. Possibly a memory issue). It should work fine on PC, as they generally have more memory.

Anyway, thanks for giving it a try.

Credits & Info

2.30 / 5.00

Apr 26, 2013
2:08 PM EDT