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Scribblenauts General

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If I had that notebook that maxwell has, I'd be sittin pretty atop a throne made out of strippers.

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Sums up my scribblenauts life 10/10 would watch again

I don't really have A comment on this one:Great art and humor, This really "emulates" (If you can call it emulation) Playing scribblenauts.
Overall:4 Stars. Keep it up!
Oh no Why is everyone A parrot and I'm now A bunny

10/10. Accurately parodies how everyone plays Scribblenauts and how Maxwell is in fact a huge dick.

Wow, it surprises me how few scribblennauts parodies were born, (or at least that I've found) that series is a drug

Though in my own opinion, wish you'd have perhaps casted for second voice actor with a different tonal range, unless I watch the lips move it sounds like the same guy is talking. Great voiceacting nonetheless, I didn't have to pretend to feel the drama XD. Otherwise the animation is unique, and the lip sync is unbeatable.

how r u?