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Scribblenauts General

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If I had that notebook that maxwell has, I'd be sittin pretty atop a throne made out of strippers.

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I used to have a Scribblenauts game for my 3DS when I was a little younger and this nearly 8 year old video brang back all the memories of destroying countless lives with a few simple taps of a screen, as every family I add and add to got driven mad. Summoning guns, rabid wildlife, and eldritch horrors while the story swore up and down I was "helping" people. I knew this was not true. Everyone did. But that fact alone would not stop the rule over that simple game I had. Eventually I grew bored of the same old same old game and gave it over to my local Goodwill, for another child to find and take on the reigns of destroying countless lives. Good times. Thanks ScottFalco!

Classic Scribblenauts

this is what happens when you spawn in the doppelganger lmao

Honestly same

Sums up my scribblenauts life 10/10 would watch again