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Phew, just got this finished in time!

Wasn't sure if I was going to enter the NATA this year, but a few weeks in I decided to do it. Really wish I could've started earlier so that I could've done some more inbetween work, but whatever.

- Mister Chris

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A little rushed, sure. But good jokes, voice acting and art all around. The end joke was brilliant.

Want more its really funny.

Only 1 year...Dad NO!

RIP my sides

Witty jokes, above average voice acting, a good script, good animation. I'll see you in the tournament!

Agree with your description, it could have used a couple more inbetweens and some of the backgrounds were a little simple, but you had a deadline to meet, and overall it was still pleasurable viewing. Would love to see a re-edit of this with some more hours put into it if you decide to go back and clean parts of this up :)

It's a mixture of Dexter's Laboratory epizodes, and Ren &Stimpy epizodes. But it's okay in my book.