Realms Gate

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The battle between heaven and hell is raging on. Your goal is to strategically set up your tower defense units so you can defend the portal between heaven and hell.

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very good!

wonderful game, one small problem, Ive gotten all the level up upgrades, and now its all mana ups, the problem is, it does not add to the beginning mana, it keeps me at 300 every time, is this a glitch or what? after that, good job, cant wait to see if its fixed so I can go further

It is a decent tower defense game. I liked how it allowed you to get the same amount of cash back from selling the towers however, the leveling up the tower was limited by the player leveling up and there were no stats of the towers.

An enjoyable, if far too easy time waster.
Any veteran tower defense player will not find challenge here.

The art is decent, the monsters, while repetitive, weren't displeasing to see repeatedly. The towers were your usual slow/splash/single target stun with the typical attack animations.

Mechanics wise, there were a couple issues. The spawn color was swapped on a level or two; One level had the goal circle visibly capable of being blocked off with one tower on either side, but the painted bricks on the top and bottom allowed pathing. Not sure if sneaky.. or...-

Being unable to switch current selected tower without "selling" it from your hand/cursor was annoying, and in the majority of the maps you can built offscreen. I did this by mistake a couple of times and on one of them... I couldn't for the life of me find a place to select that tower and sell it. This occurred before the first wave of that map. Being unable to forfeit or find a menu, I had to skip waves until I lost all 25 lives. That sucked.
On that note, being able to sell a tower for full refund is completely overpowering.

Also, it didn't seem the +mana per level really did anything after I capped at 300. I bought it a few more times without upgrading or buying new towers and was disappointed in the wasted level ups.

The towers.

Once you have the fire crystal tower, you don't even need to bother with any others.
The damage buff it gets for upgrade is far too good economically, as is its base damage.
I had to consciously not use some of these towers to find a challenge or necessitate mazing.

**End Spoilers**

With all that being said. Still a fun game.

I really like you again it's really quite interesting I've played a lot of defense type games and this is definitely on my top 10 list

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4.40 / 5.00

Apr 25, 2013
4:57 AM EDT
Strategy - Tower Defense