Happy Birthday Card

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A card I made for my sister's 21st birthday.

Animated by- J.J. Evangelista
Produced by- Pen&Paper Paladin
Music- "Ragtime Happy Birthday" from Nifter.com
copyright 2013 J.J. Evangelista

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Nice an' cute style. Hope it made your sister happy.

like the style you applied here. you should consider adding some sound effects for future projects. all around nice work though. keep em comin'.

make it less specific.

knightsproject responds:

I posted this so I could send it to her:) But I think I'll create another one, that isn't specific, that could be used as a card people can send out.

What a nice birthday card! love the animation just wish it had a different text font (maybe your own drawn font would have been great)
Good work though :)

knightsproject responds:

Thank you! :) I had a different font, but it isn't showing up correctly? I'll look into fixing that. Thank you again!

Nice bro! You have a unique style. :)

knightsproject responds:

Thank you, I'm glad you like it! Yeah, with the animation, I'm trying to keep it in line with the sketchy way that I draw :D