Dawn of the New Holiday

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Info: I feel I've improved a lot since last year, and have tried to improve the quality of my drawings as well as the timing in my animations. While some scenes may be awkward, take note I didn't start making this until about a week after NATA 2013 commenced. In any event, I'm really excited for this year and hope to have fun time.

In the days of old, people celebrated the simplicity of life. However, with the "New Holiday" at hand, the origin of how it came about, and the reason for its celebration is a mystery. That is, until Natalie, an energetic preteen, explains.

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I hope they get alot of vacation days.


even though i have no idea what i just watched, it looked very good

That was something.

It was pretty good.
IT wasn't particularly thrilling, but yeah. pretty good.

This is just half of the story! Make the second half please!