Ryo Ninja Quest

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Reach your goal fighting the ninjas

Arrow Key to move
A Use sword
S Throw Shuriken
D Throw smoke bomb

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Decent game! I like the colors and enemies. Smoke bombs are cool. I dont like how cheap the throwing stars are though, you can easily kill people from a distance with those. Also, your ninja moves so close to the side of the screen, by the time you realize your walking towards and enemy, you're in range of the enemy's attacks.

mordaza responds:

Sorry I couldnt reply this earlier, your critique is right, some of these points surely are wrong such as its possible to kill from the distance so easily and all, will keep this in mind for future games, thanks for commenting =)

T'was cool, but something to indicate that you have picked up an item, like maybe a *ching* noise or "Shuriken Get, Smokebomb Get", stuff like that. The music is cool, maybe it gets a little tiring after a couple of loops, but I seem to like it. I like the idea that you have different items as the goal. The first was a chest, second a CD, third a blowup-doll (That's what I think it is, lol) etc. It's a neat idea, but maybe something that indicates that THIS is what you're searching for, like a "Find this item *insert item pic*" or a short camera switch from the goal to you. Nothing that spoils the stage too much, though. I'll give it a 3/5 for a nice clean interface, cool music and varied enemies. Though there is stuff that could be worked on. I also right-clicked the screen and saw *copyright* 2009 H.D.A, which maybe points in the direction that this game was made 4 years ago. Not sure if you have gotten any more experience in making games, flash etc. but I think this is a good starting point (if it wasn't, I'm sorry if you think I'm talking smack :p )

All-in-all, this game could get some minor tweaks, like "item get" and a couple of more music tracks. Thanks for making a cool game, though!

mordaza responds:

Sorry I couldnt reply earlier, thanks for your comment, its true, when getting the item there is not the feeling of geting them for real, so as you said should work better for sure, also to indicate target type like chest, cd, blowup doll (lol) etc that surely will help not only maybe target type but maybe position too I dont know, I was tempted to indicate position but then it could be too easy, so this way at some points one could get lost, however indicating with pic the type of tarhet will surely help the player spot it faster near the edges. I need to improve games in many ways I think even these days I feel that I will send you a PM in relation to this and I hope you dont mind, thanks for your helpful review about the facts and improvements needed =)

The platformer cum brawler style is a cool idea but I think the combat needs rethinking. It is a little repetetive and insubstantial. The level design is quite good but there are no obstacles! Also, highscore! Yay :D

mordaza responds:

Thanks for your comment, I know combat can get a bit repetitive as levels goe by, perhaps I put more energy into making the levels so enemies are more like the obstacles in the path that make it really difficult to reach your goal. Im glad you like until that point, thanks for commenting =)

Could really do with some more colour, animations, music. It was kinda boring honestly. Would love to see an upgrade system.

mordaza responds:

Thanks, I wanted to spend less time on graphics with this one so thats why they look like lacking, however I plan on making a better ninja game for the future with full bloom graphics, as said thanks for the suggestions =)

This game has quite some potential, but it's also problematic. Though the AI in this game is actually more clever than I expected, it's also very cheap, in terms of causing unfair deaths. Another problem with this game is that the first aid kits do absolutely nothing. I assume they're supposed to give you health.

If you're not willing to implement checkpoints into this game (although it is a very good idea), at least make the health items functional. Some of the level layouts may also need some fixing. One of the levels (I can't remember which one) has these platforms that are too close to the ceiling, which demands the player to time their jumps right off the edge of each platform. The requirement of being skilled at timing is perfectly acceptable in plenty of platformers, unless it makes a part of the game harder when it shouldn't be.

If you spend more time fixing some flaws in this game, as well as improving the game's overall quality, it will definitely be more fun to play.

mordaza responds:

Sorry I couldnt reply before. You are right, you spotted a bug there, thanks a lot for that, I already fixed, also I know IA is not super complex but I tried to make it predictable and maybe it was too predictable.

Also I spent lot in level designing but thats not what I do the best so maybe you see it lacking something, but I note what you have spotted there for sure, and really thank you for spotting the flaws there, I will send you a note and I hope you dont mind, because your comment was really helpful too, thanks for that =)

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3.47 / 5.00

Apr 23, 2013
6:38 PM EDT
Action - Platformer - Other