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Click once to jump. While in air, click once more for a double jump. Collect the energies that the spirit drops to get close to him. Avoid the obstacles and hitting the platforms. Collect coins to spent them in the shop. While running, complete the missions for a reward and level up.

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The game is boring with a lack of progression in terms of both new obstacles and in terms of powering up or feeling like there is a growth in our character. The graphics style, while interesting, needs to lend itself to the gameplay better: the squiggly nature of our character and some of the 'spew'-style obstacles makes it hard to guess where a hitbox might be.

The three achievements, if they can be called that, aren't fun and only provide a score bonus, which isn't a very high motivation compared to buying power-ups or somehow creating a different game experience. Overall, execution is decently done, the game just isn't ambitious enough to be truly entertaining. At best a time killer, at worst rather uninspired and boring.

wootra responds:

Thanks for the comments :) The achievements are missions, and they do provide a reward in coins when completed. Thanks for playing.

i think the game is good but the graphics zould be better still 4 stars

I've been hooked on it......my only problem is "obsticales" I've jumped over thousands of them....only a few of them count....what makes something that you jump over so it doesn't kill you and obstical and what makes it not count? glitch? otherwise I love it

wootra responds:

Yeah, no glitch, you just need to jump very close to them to count.

Not bad at all... Overall is an ok game, but we got somethings to improve here imo:

1. The camera following the player is a bit annoying it could be more soft, maybe give the game a little bit "zoom out" will give you more space to work with it;
2. The early game it too hard... Theres no progress feeling at all, so perhaps with some cheaper power ups to buy first could give a better feeling when playing;
3. When the player touch the fire things on the air and his body explode, when he hit the floor his head don't touch it, stays flying, dunno if that's the idea.

Don't get me wrong I like it really =)

Its a well put together game but the upgrade progression is pretty slow and you should just describe it as a Runner.

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4.21 / 5.00

Apr 23, 2013
4:10 AM EDT