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Atlantic Invaders (test)

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Author Comments

left & right = move
Z = fire

(if you're looking for a completed game turn back now before it's too late)

this is literally the first game i have ever coded so uh
let's see how this goes
spoilers i don't know shit about shit, but i am really quite proud of this achievement so far

the rules only ban "pointless" demos and this clearly has a point so ha ha ha

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you stole from bioshock you asshole
you should go to hell

The core game is rubbish. No challenge, no medals, nothing.

All that aside, for a true first attempt at game programming, its a pretty damn good go. Despite the simplistic nature of the game, you have successfully coded in all the basic elements of a space invaders-esque game - all we need is for the targets to slowly move, and a defeat collission boundary. As has been mentioned before, it is difficult to see where this game will go, but anyway the basic design elements are there. As a test of game programming ideas, its not too bad.

I feel overall that the game itself is useless, but the ideas behind it are not. I'd hope to see you develop future games more fully before demo release, such as adding basic movements of enemies etc, but for now this is a decent attempt. I would't be able to give you a decent score for the game itself, but given that it is your first game, its alright. 3/5 for actually going ahead and building a game from scratch.

Note to any who read this, and think 'What's this idiot ranking a crappy game so highly for'. I, having attempted to program basic games myself, know how difficult it can be. This guy has not only mande a game, but been brave and/or stupid enough to publish it to an online site. I feel these start-up programmers need all the support and feedback they can get. If you've got a problem about what I've been saying here, dont clutter up this thread because I'm not coming back here for a while. Send me a message if you're really that bothered, but otherwise just mark the game down and go away muttering angrily to yourself abiut a guy willing to give new programmers a chance.

i cant do nothin

Best game ever

if this is a start of a game, then its gonna come out a very smooth game.

Credits & Info

1.76 / 5.00

Apr 21, 2013
10:28 PM EDT