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This is a film myself & Ted Wilson hand drew in Flash. We wanted to do some crazy animation & promote our studio at the same time. Kill two stones with one bird, so to speak!

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It's a weird title, as the most used color was green. Well, it was red at first. Anyway, this was great to look at. I couldn't help but be reminded of Buzz Lightyear. Then again, maybe Buzz was just meant to look like a generic astronaut. It still looks similar.

It reminds me of the stuff by ZekeySpaceyLizard. Is that you, ZSL? Anyway, it was certainly unpredictable. It's hard to tell if this was benefiting the planet. I probably shouldn't look at such weird cartoons that way.

Easiest 5 stars I've ever given. Music is awesome! Animation is some of the best I've seen on this site. The concept is wonderful too. Amazing job.

Take my 5.... TAKE IT! Nek level inbetweening.

The art style was just weird to mee. Not enough depth and shadows.
Otherwise its great or I wouldn't have given it a high rating.

This is some cool shit