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Jackie San vs The Eye of Sauron

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Very interesting combination!

Okay, this was a very nice change of pace for this series of short cartoons, considering the standard 'similar but not quite' comparisons for various pop culture references or traditional roles/stereotypes can become understandably stale after a while.

However, I still find it a little awkward that no truly RANDOM ideas have been pitted against one another.

I mean, heck, off the top of my head...uh, I dunno...Bill Cosby (Nill Bozby? that work for ya?) vs....St. Peter (Saint Meter enough of a deviation?).

And that's just one scenario. If possible, it'd be nice to see if there's room for something that you would NEVER be able to come up with any logical series of events as to why anyone would bother designing results of certain matchups.

you make these versus cartoons like there is no tomorrow but whats with the chips?