The Stream Forgives

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Enjoy the scenery

My grandpa really is the ultimate symbol of forgiveness to me. He is my grandpa, father, mother and best friend all in one. In his eyes I can do no wrong. I was very excited to have him featured in this short with me. Everything he means to me is forever captured in these few minutes.

2 days worth of filming made for less than 10 minutes. This project was hard for us.

A man walks through a forest of reflection with his hands covered in regrets. He finds himself a place or forgiveness and lights the way for others to join him

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I definitely like some of the ideas in here, and I think the choice to make it word-less is a good one. BUT, speaking from a filmmaker's standpoint, you need to cut the film shorter. The cuts need to be more activated. There are times when we cut into a scene and have to wait a few beats for a character to show up on screen. We should cut from a scene before the character is completely off it, to a new scene where the character is already entering. I think it would help the flow of this piece. Also, the sound editing needed just a bit of finessing, and it made some of the cuts too apparent (often, we want to hide the cuts. Though this is a stylistic choice, I think this film would benefit from it).

Oh, and one more thing, this piece isn't really for Newgrounds. Newgrounds specifically asks that the videos you upload have some use of flash or animation in them, and this is pretty much straight film. Anyway, I hope this didn't sound too harsh! I hope you keep making films, because it seems like you've got some cool concepts.

Minimeowz responds:

I understand the cuts thank you for the constructive crit. But i'm still not seeing anywhere on the site that says you can only upload an animation. The site actually says before you click on it "NewGrounds, ANYTHING by ANYONE" :)

Very cool, nice message.

Minimeowz responds:


It was alright, i thought the way you both were moving could have been different. Kinda like the first one you did only slow & creepy moving @ first then as it progresses quicker, or else it just looks like you were both walking around alot. Anywho hope that helps =)

Minimeowz responds:

No I agree! It would have added an extra layer it each scene if the characters slowly changed the way they carried themselves! wonderful idea! :)

Nice! I Would never have expected to see something like this on Newgrounds. That's a good thing, though!

There were no audible words, but the symbolism spoke at least a volume. This almost forces a viewer to think, even after the end of the video, which is good.

Minimeowz responds:

Thank you so much! :) hugs~~~!!!!!

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Apr 17, 2013
8:21 PM EDT