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PokeNotAwesome - Preview

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mouse animated
all voice actors are me
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i don't get the content of the animation, but i will definitely give you your props, because what these dummies don't get is that it is rely hard to draw with a mouse and being a solo artist voicing and doing everything. i know this because i am a victim of it too. i did an animation called superman vs hulk, love balloon and with Dexter meeting a flash 8 agent and you and i basically have the same issues.

frass70 responds:

finally someone i yhought i was alone in this

very sloppy did nae make ny sence

Ohh sharingan...
Felt a bit rushed... is this finished product or just a preview of somesort?
I'd say that patience at animating. (ohh the grammar)

The animation in my own terms is horrible, the sound affects are acceptable but can be quite annoying, And the voice acting is in poor condition also the video is extremely short,

Watch it if you want but nothing that I'd personally consider amazing or in my own terms "Worth watching."