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Shadow Hunter Trailer

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A police officer turned rogue battles his demons and is haunted by visions that hold the key to his dark past. Animated and voiced by Nathan Dewey.

To see more visit:
http://deweydark.blogspot .com

http://deweydarklight.tum blr.com

YouTube (Subscribe): http://www.youtube.com/ch annel/UCIJAAoSYpVew6AcPkJ haCsw?feature=watch

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This animation was mind blowing. I hope you contribute to writing or animating movies

deweydarklight responds:

Thank you very much. I started working for an animation studio earlier this year. I'll continue to climb my way up the ladder as best as I can. I'm working on Shadow Hunter in my spare time. I'm posting work in progress on my YouTube Channel, and will be doing video journals starting at the end of Dec. 2013. I'll have a pitch video ready soon to send to the studio I'm currently at and possibly for crowd funding. Making this into a movie is the goal.

Absolutely fantastic i would love to see the official version. Keep it going. Also how do you animate so beautifully and smoothly?!

deweydarklight responds:

Thanks a lot, and will do! As far as animating smoothly, I do a lot of re-animating and re-drawing. It's a very long process and a lot of trial and error. I also alternate between animating on 2's (12 drawings per 24 frames) and 1's (24 drawings per 24 frames).

Five stars - beautiful animation, perfect voice acting, excellent music, engrossing story.

My prediction for the story (possible spoilers): Shadow Hunter was a police officer in a happy marriage, with a beautiful newborn baby. One night the baby dies completely unexpectedly ("crib death" they call it, sudden infant death syndrome.) That's why you see her crying in the baby room, and why Hunter says to the rescued woman crying "wait... I've seen this before..." Shadow Hunter did his best to console his wife after the loss of their baby, but it was no use. She jumped from a building, taking her own life. He couldn't save her. The "demons" represent Hunter's inner guilt, and all the people in the city feeling strong guilt can also see the demons. Hunter's demons are slowly suffocating him as he is unable to forgive himself for the one person he couldn't save, the one person that mattered most of all.

deweydarklight responds:

Thanks a lot! I appreciate you writing this. Some of it is correct, and some isn't. Most of what you've written is what I wanted to get across, although some of it is inaccurate, that doesn't matter because of how vague it is. I wanted the rest (what I didn't show) to remain a mystery. Although I don't want to share particulars of the story, I can say that forgiving oneself and dealing with guilt is a large aspect of the story. Throughout the story we learn that he is avoiding a past filled with trauma (some of which isn't in the trailer). "You can't run from your past. You cannot hide. Wherever you go, your shadow will follow".


Make a kickstarter for this ASAP. People pay out the ass for quality animation these days. You could be looking at a 50k - 100k EASY for something this awesome.

Credits & Info

4.09 / 5.00

Apr 15, 2013
8:19 PM EDT