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Ghost Hacker 2

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A Winner is You 5 Points

Win any level.

Data Recovery Specialist 5 Points

Use backup on 10 data cores.

Eco-Friendly 5 Points

Recycle 10 programs.

MineSweeper 5 Points

Kill an enemy with a Mine.

Core Collector 10 Points

Collect 100 data cores.

Just to be Safe 10 Points

Apply 100 seconds of a debuff to an enemy.

Kill Stealer 10 Points

Get a Reaper to destroy an enemy for you.

Script Kiddy 10 Points

Use 100 scripts.

Scripting the Pain 10 Points

Deal 1000 damage using scripts.

Taking out the Trash 10 Points

Use the garbage collector on 50 corrupted tiles.

Virus Cleanup on Isle 5 10 Points

Destroy 1000 enemies

Know thy Enemy 25 Points

Complete all 10 monster mode levels.

This Tower is OP! 25 Points

Deal 10,000 damage with a single tower in one level.

Easier said than Done 50 Points

Complete every level

Leet Haxor 50 Points

Complete the last level

Author Comments

The long awaited sequel is here! Break into the Ghost Quarantine to rescue a Ghost held captive. Battle your way through 35 new levels in another epic campaign. Collect Data Cores and permanently upgrade your programs. New programs, enemies, and challenges await!

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All Data Cores lost.
Alright, I'll be serious. Good game, great sequel. But at times, it gets way too hard, just like the first. Sure, I do turn it from Challenge to Normal when it gets this way, but I want to play it like it was meant to be played, dammit. Difficulty spikes in my ass don't help anyone.

It's not terrible, but it's not my cup of tea. Way too complex for me--I'll just stick to Cursed Treasure.

This game really doesn't get the attention it deserves, I loved the first Ghost Hacker but never even heard of this one until just recently. It really improves some game play elements of the first while adding even more content, one of my new all time favorite TD games!

Good, but I kinda wish there were upgrades for the levels where you play as the Viruses. And it kicked my butt several times, but that's more me not being a good planner.

it had me at the minecraft refrence so...