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I was taught to always question and think critically about everything, except my religion. Any skepticism in this avenue warranted an eternity in flames. This sort of indoctrination eventually inhibits opinions and views in all other aspects of life. Blindly accepting an ideology leads to intolerance and disdain toward anyone who deviates from a specific viewpoint. Ultimately, religion and faith become stifling. The recognition of my own gullibility has led me to abandon this once dominant path, making me evermore the target of those set on re-indoctrination as a path toward salvation.

Edit: Wow! Thanks for front-page and the all the support!

I understand this is controversial and may strike a few nerves, but that was a reaction that I was always prepared for. This is a personal piece for me, and I welcome differing opinions.

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I loved this animation and thx for the disclaimer at the beginning, I am not offended though this is true. Conforming to the "norm" has no substance because what is normal? we are all different, have our own ideas and all have something to contribute to life. We all are "saved" in our own way and the common ground is believing in a higher power,no matter who it is. Ideas about faith and religion have become man made truths so to speak but if u follow your heart and believe what your heart tells you thats what matters, u cant be forced into thinking a way that u do not feel is right .:)