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Tomb Raider Parody

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hey kiddies. Guess which game I have been playing . . . . . :D yuppers I just finished playing Tomb Raider a Survivor is born and I loved it. It is the most funnest game I have played since forever. :boogie: The storyline wasn't as epic as the Mass Effect series but it was still good enough to have a satisfied feeling at the end of the game. This is the best Lara croft game I have played to date and I hope they make more too this standard.

Anyways I was compelled to make a parody about it. I wanted to make a real rough animation in one day. . . .three days later. . . . . .:(

One of the task you had to do early in the game was to kill a deer. I don't know if you could progress past this point if you didn't. So I did it and it was soo soo soo sssooooo soooooooooooooooooo sad lol. I love eating meat, but if I had to kill my own prey I would have to go vegetarian because I am such a sook and because God gave animals such cute faces.

It was a good break away from the usual, but now it is back to animating my story. Anyways for those who have played the game and can relate. . . . . I Hope you likes it.

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Nice animation & Bambi moment

littlegoblet responds:

thanks for your sweet comment McGovern :D

I love it short but very funny and creative love it!

Awesome hahah, loved the animation :)

littlegoblet responds:

thanxies buddy I appreciate it :D

FightingSeraph hit is on the head. The high speed voices took away from it, but its stilla good flash.

littlegoblet responds:

Yeah not very many people are a fan of my annoying chip monk voice but I am still glad you enjoyed it :D

You've improved nicely.

I have to admit, that was pretty funny. To be honest, I'll take a cartoon presented in standard definition that's funny over something presented in Hi-Definition Mpeg-4 but sucks hard cock. Even though I don't care for Tomb Raider and don't have an X-Box 360 or PS3; this was enjoyable for what it was.

Visually, this is much better animated than your fantasy series, and I liked the thicker outlines. While I would suggest that you look up "Animation in Twelve Hard Lessons" by Robert Heath, you do have a better grasp on drawing basics than I have. As for the colors, they may be a bit on the muddy side, but they get the point across. Oh, and don't bother with post processing unless you're doing 3D animation or Live-action green screening. Soundwise, the music fit perfectly, but the sped up voices felt like a step down from your previous work. Finally, the aforementioned wouldn't amount to anything if it wasn't for the content. In addition to your decent knowledge regarding writing for character, you also know how to be witty. Bonus points for mocking Downloadable content, I never liked that feature and consider that to be pointless and asinine.

The Good:
-Underused subject
-Good animation
-Fitting music

The Bad:
-The voice acting

Overall: Here's a nine from me. (4.5/5)

littlegoblet responds:

oh hey there buddy. Once again I really thank you for an in depth and helpful comment. Oh I knew before I even submitted this that the voice would be a let down. I used my own voice this time and since I cringe so much every time I hear it I felt compelled to alter it so it wasn't so noticeable to me. I was almost gonna ask one of my vc friends but decided not to due to how small the project was. but I thank you for your tips and advice. Yeah having to download more content is annoying too especially if it lacks. . . .content lol cheers buddy :D