Monster hunter plate runs

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heres a monster hunter animation!

heres an animation base on a comic done by inkoseh. hopefully you get a laugh out of this for those who play the game. dedicated to the hunters who are plagued by the "desire sensor" of the monster hunter game.

also I'm considering maybe continuing it as a mini series, but it would just be a thought for now. we shall see how it goes in the future. (unlikely but who knows)

for the viewers who never played the series. heres the explaination from the orginal author of the comic, inkoseh.

In the game Monster Hunter for PS2 there was a rare item called Rathalos Plate. You could only get it by cutting off Rathalos' tail and carving it. There was a 1/100 chance of getting it. People would often go on plate runs in hopes to get the rare item. If none of the players got it they all abandoned the quest and started over. This idea came to me in 2005 when I still played the game. How would you feel if YOU were the Rathalos?

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The memories of playing this with my friends were immediately brought back to me with this video, thank you for the laugh! and great animation!

Rathalos was like: "What the f***?" But yeah that is basically true right there. Think you can do one based off of the MH3U game?

Fantastic art, sounds and Concept, man!

That's what me and my friends exactly did... I got a spike and they were looking for plates and host quest retired...I was so ready for the mission! overall nice art,animation especiallt the intro =D keep it up!

Man lol I was never the type to do plate runs but there was a time my whole team just griefed me and left -_- .I like your style of creating the image, alot of Monster hunter related contect would be serious or boring but the cartoon style made it funny and entertaing.Capturing is the method for plates. if you miss monster hunter tri online google Monster hunter tri petition. thumbs up and continue the good work

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Apr 13, 2013
12:07 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody