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As everybody, you know the brain training program from Dr Kawashima. With Brain Speed, you can find a new program to keep your brain to have the good reactions at the right time. When you see the right symbol on the screen, you have to press the right key. There are more than 30 achievements on Brain Speed.

In Brain Speed, you play with your keyboard.


Really hard but its fun!

Very interesting, though I would have turned up the volume of the background music a bit. I like a brain quiz every now and then

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Kinda fun and addictive. The fun comes in when I'm being challenged later on with quick reflexes and timing. However, the looping BGM could use some work. Gets kinda annoying after a few minutes :/

Overall, good job and hope to see more. I highly recommend that you take a look at those Brain Training games on the DS/3DS for reference.

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(I hope you speak french :p)Au début, je n'ai absolument pas compris le but, mais au bout d'un certain nombre de fois j'ai compris que par "clavier" il fallait entendre "clavier numérique"... Et , j'ai découvert un jeu ma foi assez amusant et addictif, mais la musique devient vite TRES enervante... J'ai fais une 30aine de niveau et je pense l'avoir en tête pour la soirée xD Mais dans l'ensemble, j'apprécie :)

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Apr 13, 2013
5:37 AM EDT
Skill - Typing