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Biking game experiment that somehow turned into a distance upgrade game featuring a rabbit on wheels racing against a jetpack dinosaur . Upgrade moto with better wheels, engine and laser eyes, struggle with the tricky controls and destroy some eggs on the way. All code, graphics, music etc. by Slowsteps of wungi. Featuring voicetalent cousin Steve for the Evil laugh sample.


I think Leebogames review said it all.

1. The controls while in the air do not allow you to tilt the motorabbit to the left as well as they do when tilting it to the right. However if you do manage to tilt the motorabbit to the left the game simply flings you to the right to try and correct this.

2. The placement of the carrots are for the most part too high on the straight parts. They are placed well after a jump though. It is only possible to collect the carrots with the motorabbit's head and not with its ears, body, or tail.

3. It can take some time to collect coins to purchase the necessary upgrades needed. The eggs that Dino drops help in collecting coins but not by much.

4. Once the game is completed it tells you the amount of times it took you to reach the end, but that's it. After that it resets your progress and puts you back at the title screen. This brings a lack of accomplishment to the end of the game.

After saying all that the game wasn't too bad, but there is definitely room for improvement. I think with an update this could be a very good game.

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I HATE RABBITS!!!but ill make an exception...hopeully.

Several design problems are holding the game back

1) There's no explanation for what the upgrades do. Some are obvious, sure, but what are the dice supposed to be? Improved luck stat? What does that mean and why would I upgrade it?

2) The game is a grinding nightmare. It's very easy to flip the rabbit over accidentally, and even if you are driving well, you can't get very far without lots of upgrades. In order for the reward cycle of a game like this to work properly, the act of progressing must itself be an enjoyable activity. Here it's just a chore to survive and then you are back on the upgrade screen with barely any more money.

3) You're allowing the player to use gas when their wheels aren't touching the ground. I guess you could say that this was meant to make the game tougher, but this type of game is usually aimed at a casual crowd, and I think there should have been some logic to prevent wasting fuel if the wheels aren't touching the ground. This is related to problem 2 because it makes it much harder to advance than it should be.

4) The bonus for destroying eggs seems pathetic compared to how rarely you can destroy them. $1? I think in the 5 minutes I played I only destroyed 4 or 5 of them. That's worth nothing in the game.

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Wasn't that bad could be better with some deeper character background and upgrade explanations.

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2.93 / 5.00

Apr 11, 2013
5:54 PM EDT
Sports - Racing