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Gravity Thruster

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Level 5 5 Points

Complete the first 5 Levels

10K 10 Points

Score 10000 points

Level 10 10 Points

Complete the first 10 Levels

1K 25 Points

Score over 1000 points on Level 5

20K 25 Points

Score 20000 points

Aced 14 25 Points

Score the maximum possible score on level 14

Level 15 25 Points

Complete the first 15 Levels

Complete 50 Points

Complete all 20 Levels

Master 50 Points

Score 24000 points or more.

Wowsers 50 Points

Get a fantastic score on level 20

Author Comments

Before taking your rocket out into space, learn to control it in the obstacle course which is Gravity Thruster. You'll be flying in a gravitational field, so you have to thrust with one hand and steer with the other. Learn to use the tractor beam to carry orbs along with you, so you can move them to their goals to unlock the exit portal and fly out of each level.

Watch out for blocks and other obstacles, don't hit the floor and beware of the auto-aiming gun turrets. Don't forget you can shoot back at the guns and obstacles you wish to to remove. To unlock the next level, complete the tasks and get your rocket to the portal without incurring too much damage.


The in-game animated instructions will guide you.
The aim of each level is for the player to to fly their craft into the exit portal.

Crates and automatically aiming turrets may block the way and need to be destroyed!

Orb's will need to be picked up by the craft's tractor beam, and placed, dropped or propelled correctly into

position on each empty plinth with the level to activate the exit.


The in-game animated instructions will explain the controls.
Use the Mouse to Direct your craft, mouse button or E to Shoot.
Use Up Arrow, or W to activate your crafts thruster to propel it forwards.
Use Space, or Q to activate and deactivate the tractor beam.

Level Designer:

Create and save upto 5 of your own unique levels.

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@blyndid the maximum score on level 14 is 1660, but it unlocked at 1640 for some reason.

I'm not sure what is required for level 20. I got 2514 and the medal unlocked. The theoretical maximum is 2534, and that's pretty close.

I made a whole document detailing every little thing about this game with the absolute maximum and the maximum I know how to achieve. In a very pleasant turn of event, all of the several hours of work I spent on it were immediately made worthless as the document inexplicably deleted itself. :}
but, since I already spent all that time, I might as well share what I remember.

First, the maximum score I thought I could get was about 24200 or so, which fits very nicely with the scores of Fooliolo and PhantasyReal. The absolute maximum number of point was about 25500, meaning the score of Fuckoffasshole and waccho are not impossible, but would require quite a few elaborate methods to find extra points, completed after earning all medals.

Secondly, I'd like to explain how to earn scores that are higher than appear to be possible. But before that, I will explain how the scoring system works in this game. There are several ways to earn points in this game. You can: shoot boxes, break boxes, shoot turrets, break turrets, bring orbs to plinths, finish levels, and finish levels with a greater than zero amount of health left. Every box gives 2 points per hit, with the smallest boxes taking 3 hits, medium boxes taking 6 hits, and, inexplicably, large boxes taking 9 hits. (I say inexplicably because the largest boxes are obviously four times as large as the smallest ones.) After a box is destroyed, the player earns an additional ten points. This means small boxes give a total of 16pts, mediums ones give 22pts, and large ones give 28pts. The second method of earning points is to shoot turrets. I will come back to this later as it is the most complicated. The third method is to return orbs to plinths, which will earn you exactly 100 points per orb. The simplest is the fourth, which will give you 250 points immediately upon completing a level. Then, after the level is over, the fifth method will give you however many health points you have left, with a maximum of 100.

Okay, now back to the most complicated method. Each time you shoot a turret, you will earn 10 points. Once you kill the turret, it will give you an additional 25 points. Since always turrets take four hits, they must always give you exactly 65 points, right? Unfortunately this is wrong. When I said the method was "shooting" turrets, I was being deceptive. You can actually kill turrets multiple ways and get more points! The first and usually easiest way is the smash the turret with an orb. While being touched by an orb, the turret will constantly take damage. If the turret is o n l y hit by the orb, you will earn 85 points, 20 more than normal. If you shoot the turret once before killing it with the orb, you will earn 80. As far as I've tested, this pattern continues. You can also kill orbs with boxes, though the box needs to have enough momentum. These aren't really as useful, as not all levels have boxes in opportune positions, but it is especially useful on level twenty and one other I can't remember off the top of my head. Anyway, it's possible to partly damage a turret with a box and get part of the extra points. I think it might also be possible to glitch your way into extra extra points with these, which hopefully explains a few discrepancies between the possible scores and my actual scores on a few levels. Though, I suppose that doesn't matter since I no longer have any of those scores. :} In that case, I'll just lie to you and say I did everything perfectly and there were zero discrepancies.

To summarize, a score consists of small boxes(s), medium boxes(m), large boxes(l), orbs(o), turrets possible to kill with orbs/boxes(T), turrets that might be possible to kill with orbs/boxes(tT), turrets that can't be killed with orbs/boxes due to their complete absence(t), points for completing a level, and health points left over. In my document, I wrote out equations for every level in the form of 16*s + 22*m + 28*l + 100*o + 85*T + 65(85)*Tt + 65*t + 250 + 100 = total[best real score](if tT = T).

Okay, now, for the third part, I will explain how to earn perfect scores on levels five, fourteen, and twenty(the ones with medals).

First, five:
*go down to the bottom left and pick up an orb
*bring the orb back to the top of the level
*let go of the orb, fly up, and try to pick up the orb with the largest distance between the two of you as reasonably possible
*move to the left again and carefully lower the orb beneath the overhang
*move to the right, kill the turret with the orb, then drop it.
*grab the orb again, and repeat on right side
*destroy all boxes, using tip[1] if necessary
*bring the orbs to their plinths
*finish without having lost any health
These steps should help you get above 1000 points. A perfect run is 1033.

Secondly, level fourteen:
*hover over the orb nearest which you start
*grab it with a fairly large distance from you
*move it to the right, drop down, move it back to the left, and let go of the orb. Try to hit all the turrets on the left side, else you should restart
*grab the orb in the center
*perform tip[2] with a decent distance between the orb and you.
*attempt to bring the orb upwards with out dropping it
*once you hit the ceiling, move to the right, weaving so as to not be hit by the turret fire
*kill both turrets. if you miss the lower one, perform tip[2] and try again.
*perform tip[2] and bring the orb down and to the right
*attempt to kill the higher turret
*once done, swing the orb to the right and try to land it on the last turret.
*even if you hit it once, you may need to hit it again. you should have plenty of orbs, though
*place all orbs in their plinths, using tip[2] or tip[3] when necessary
*finish without having lost any health
This should help you get a high enough score. A perfect run is 1660.

Finally, level twenty:
*start, pause for the first bullets to pass you, move toward the top-left exit, wait for one shot to miss you, leave
*push the two small boxes onto the turrets
*leave and go to the right, killing the top hanging turret
*break the boxes on the right and grab an orb
*drop the orb on the downward curved ledge. this should kill three enemies
*grab another orb
*use your momentum to throw the orb to the right wall and try to the last one
*grab another orb and bring it to the first gap from the right.
*shoot it to drop it down there and hit the turret on the right wall
*if you miss, try again. after, throw another few down and try to hit the turret hanging in the enclosure below
*go down below and shoot one of the orbs until it hits and kills the turret down below.
*bring one of the orbs back to the left, and do tip[2]
*hit the two remaining turrets. do tip[2] again if you missed the lower one
*carefully bring the orbs into the correct gaps above
*finish the level

That should be it for the last level. I don't know how to kill the last turret, nor how to kill any of the other turrets with orbs. The perfect run is 2409.
Update!: I have a new plan! and it involves the same manuever as in level five. I knew that would come in handy!
*To start, you have to avoid killing the top-left turret with bullets
*To get the two turrets in the furthest right gap you must drop the orb down the whole, and then grab in through the ground.
*Kill the higher turret, then drop the orb and kill the lower
*To get the previously-impossible turret, do the same thing on the left-most side
*Bring one of the orbs over to the right and try tip[2] or tip[3] to get the orb above you
*Kill the top-left turret with the orb balanced on your head
These strategies together make the level a little more difficult but can net you an additional 105 points for a total of 2514.

Okay, now before I finish, here's a few more things. The maneuver used in level five can also be used to get good scores in other levels. I've spent too much time on this, and I have no idea if anyone will read this anyway. "Thruster" is absolutely a word, but my spellcheck is bad and doesn't think that's the case.

As always with my guides, if the person reading this has any questions about any specific level, I am perfectly willing to answer them. Just leave a comment on my newspost or send me a private message.

tip[1]: grab an orb, and then balance on it to shoot, ideally, boxes.
tip[2]: place an orb on an edge, get beneath it, grab it, and carefully push it off the ledge. hopefully it shouldn't be too hard to balance the orb above you.
tip[3]: when there are plinths that are hanging down, you can either use tip[2] or do this:
grab an orb while very close to it. approach the plinth and spin the orb around. if you time it correctly, the orb will be close to the hanging plinth, and you may let go

Oh, and for an actual review, uh, games pretty good I guess¯\_(ツ)_/¯

whats the max score on level 14?

The controls were completely bad.

What the controls should have been...
Press A and D to rotate your ship counter-clockwise and clockwise, respectively, with W to activate thrusters. You will need to have a reasonable rate of rotation, not too fast and not too slow.

Press AND HOLD spacebar to use tractor beam, RELEASE spacebar to stop using tractor beam.

Left mouse button can be for firing ONLY, and not for maneuvering the ship! Also you can leave E as an alternate fire button so the mouse wouldn't be need to be used at all.

Still wouldn't have been great controls but would have been a whole lot better than what was chosen.

Clunky game. Slow. I get the concept and that the difficulty of controlling the ship is what makes this interesting and challenging, but I think it's a bit too much. Great music though, as it strongly reminds me of Jazz Jack Rabbit 2. Nostalgia.

The Editor level was a nice touch. The controls were a lil loose though and were a hard to get used to but besides that, the game was very inventive and had an 80s game feel to it which is quite rare in games now days.... All in all a 3.5 game not the best game but definitely not the worst game either. Somewhere in the middle. :)

Credits & Info

4.28 / 5.00

Apr 10, 2013
4:43 AM EDT