Gravity Thruster

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Level 5 5 Points

Complete the first 5 Levels

10K 10 Points

Score 10000 points

Level 10 10 Points

Complete the first 10 Levels

1K 25 Points

Score over 1000 points on Level 5

20K 25 Points

Score 20000 points

Aced 14 25 Points

Score the maximum possible score on level 14

Level 15 25 Points

Complete the first 15 Levels

Complete 50 Points

Complete all 20 Levels

Master 50 Points

Score 24000 points or more.

Wowsers 50 Points

Get a fantastic score on level 20

Author Comments

Before taking your rocket out into space, learn to control it in the obstacle course which is Gravity Thruster. You'll be flying in a gravitational field, so you have to thrust with one hand and steer with the other. Learn to use the tractor beam to carry orbs along with you, so you can move them to their goals to unlock the exit portal and fly out of each level.

Watch out for blocks and other obstacles, don't hit the floor and beware of the auto-aiming gun turrets. Don't forget you can shoot back at the guns and obstacles you wish to to remove. To unlock the next level, complete the tasks and get your rocket to the portal without incurring too much damage.


The in-game animated instructions will guide you.
The aim of each level is for the player to to fly their craft into the exit portal.

Crates and automatically aiming turrets may block the way and need to be destroyed!

Orb's will need to be picked up by the craft's tractor beam, and placed, dropped or propelled correctly into

position on each empty plinth with the level to activate the exit.


The in-game animated instructions will explain the controls.
Use the Mouse to Direct your craft, mouse button or E to Shoot.
Use Up Arrow, or W to activate your crafts thruster to propel it forwards.
Use Space, or Q to activate and deactivate the tractor beam.

Level Designer:

Create and save upto 5 of your own unique levels.


Clunky game. Slow. I get the concept and that the difficulty of controlling the ship is what makes this interesting and challenging, but I think it's a bit too much. Great music though, as it strongly reminds me of Jazz Jack Rabbit 2. Nostalgia.

The Editor level was a nice touch. The controls were a lil loose though and were a hard to get used to but besides that, the game was very inventive and had an 80s game feel to it which is quite rare in games now days.... All in all a 3.5 game not the best game but definitely not the worst game either. Somewhere in the middle. :)

Great little game. Nice and inventive gameplay. Good work -)

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Penry responds:

Thanks - it's bases on a very old dynamic, but we've added a few twists and turn for anyone who knows the games it's based on from the 80's

Music was a bit loud, so some sort of volume control in addition to the toggle would be nice.
The graphics are decent but it would be great if there was a dedicated artist who would try and really make everything stand out in its own style.

Overall I liked the game :D

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Penry responds:

Glad you liked it :D - i'll have to speak to the musician about the volume ! :DD - personally i thought the music was so much better than the sound effects, that it'd be better to have the music dominate the experience, rather than have the sound effect dominate the audio experience !

Not a bad game, I especially like how they included a level editor, nice touch, still, feels a little clunky, other than that 4 stars. good game. :)

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Penry responds:

Is it the level editor you found clunky ? or the game ?
Th eeditor is th eone we used to create the levels, we tweeked it a bit and thought it was workable enough to include within the game - perhaps we should have spent more time on "user friendlying" it !

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Credits & Info

3.32 / 5.00

Apr 10, 2013
4:43 AM EDT
Action - Shooter - Multidirectional