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Milkshake. Late For Skool

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School project

I did all the animation, voices, and did all the music.

hope you like it!

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Not too shabby :) Keep practicing and go for smoother movements.

djDurgyDurg responds:

definitely. thanks man!

That was absolutely amazing! I love the characterizations and the writing in general, dude. Animation quality is pretty boss as well. This is good stuff. You should develop this into a series. I see a lot of potential here. And we should totally work on something together soon. Great job, bro. I cracked up a lot at the land of robots.

djDurgyDurg responds:

thanks brotha! I do have a series in the works! hopefully it will be as funny as Hero School!

That was really good. The style reminded me a lot of South Park, which is cool. Definitely expand on the ending if you have the time. I know you had to meet a deadline but it did feel a little abrupt. Overall fantastic job, I know this must've taken a while.

djDurgyDurg responds:

thanks buddy! once i got movin it didn't take too long actually (40 hours of 'work' probably), but yea I may add another small scene in the future!

This was quite funny for a short piece.

The audio was nice. I like how all the voices were clear and there was no background interference. As for the audio being used in the robot began to sing, what was the song called? Also found the mother to be a bit funny yet pushy at the same time with her voice.

The art was great. The only part I would have changed is when Milkshake was walking. Instead of him being that big, he could have been slimmer so his back does not show an excess amount of fat. Unless; however, he is meant to be just a fat teenager/child. Another thing I would have changed is the plate at the ending. Instead of the pancakes looking like they may have had slight mold on them, the saliva coming from his mouth should have been transparent.

The story seemed simple enough to follow: Milkshake woke up a bit late and ended up missing the bus... or did he? I question it given at the end it shows him drooling and having not gotten up from the table at all. Is his mom giving him drugs to sedate him? The part where the robot began to sing was really nice. If you had extra time you should have expanded onto the song a bit and had sing some more.

Overall, the saliva on the pancakes at the end should have been slightly transparent. Really nicely done flash!

djDurgyDurg responds:

Dude thanks for the awesome review.

As for the music, I made it all, and yea I had to cut it short because the project was due like 3 hours after I finished it (not including the guitar audio I did and sound effects)! As far as the art, i'm really trying to improve, and i'm glad you liked it. The walk cycle was seriously about 30 different keyframes and yea, he's supposed to be chubby, but I did notice inconsistencies :/. Again with the ending, it was a bit rushed, but I did attempt to have his saliva transparent and alpha'd.

As for the story, the mom gave him drugs because he is a chubby, ecstatic, imaginative young boy, and sadly, that is what doctors give to people with ADHD rather then channeling it in a different form. Thanks anyway for the review!


djDurgyDurg responds:

mmm... potato-milkshakes

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4.37 / 5.00

Apr 10, 2013
1:34 AM EDT