Steel Clash

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Arm your Mecha, team up with friends and destroy your enemies in this online multiplayer match to the death!

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Yo what happened to this game?? I used to love playing it and I guess it cant have been just now but the game doesn't work anymore and it doesn't even exist on Kongregate anymore. What the heck?

This game is very enjoyable but I am having a lot of lag. I think the thing that cause lag is the smoke bomb weapon because it seems to continue to create the smoke effect until you start to lag and all of your command become 1 minute late. But this problem doesn't affect the AI so they can just continues to hit you while your mech just sit there and doing nothing.

Well, this game had got good reviews and I at first liked it. That was until everything went unresponsive. A multiplayer which no one uses so there is no benefit, metal parts which have to be payed for and just gooood damned lag. I mean, I was shoving both of my troops to stop moving, but they actually took a minute to stop moving, before taking another minute in order to fire. Both my squad and mecha died while they charged into battle doing piss all. This would have been a good game, but you're gonna have to fix a lot of stuff before most people will start playing this far more than now. It's a "Meh" concept. An interesting idea with good execution and acting, before being a dramatic disappointment.

I LOVE THIS GAME but there is 1 problem, the player interaction system. and the player quantity.
Example, im level 30 and there is no other player level 30 or near to fight.
Exmple 2, to talk to guild mates u have to enter muliplayer and hpe they are there too.
Combat is great tho. keep it up
U get BOLTS by completing achievements <== fantastic

One MAJOR problem with this: You can't get any of those Metal Parts without paying. That's just wrong. We should get some of those just from fighting.

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3.95 / 5.00

Apr 9, 2013
5:53 PM EDT
Action - Fighting - VS