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Press Left and Right to move. Down to crouch (currently does not save you from getting hurt)
Z to Punch. X to Kick.
Lots of bugs plz forgive


The game is terribly made. 1) You cannot die, or it's near impossible to die without going AFK for a good five minutes. 2) There is only one level, with less than a minute gameplay. 3) The combat is bugged. 4) Crouching is pointless. 5) Only saving grace in this game is it's graphics, and even those are sub-par; if you want to do something find someone to make the game for you and just provide the art.

Most pointless game i've ever seen

You can literally beat this game by holding down A and S... That's it. I won't even comment on the theme or gameplay other than that.

I completely agree with norat374, including that the art is pretty good.

That's all though.

Buggy as hell. no start menu. health doesn't hit zero. animation doesn't repeat if you hold down a button, but damage still applies.
The message of feminism is pretty far off. If it wasn't for the man in the kitchen at the end, it wouldn't even be feminist; it could just as easily interpreted as a woman tackling the housework, then resting after the work is done. With the man, it gives an anti-feminist characature of the woman pushing responsibilities onto the man without cohabitation. At the end of the day, she's still a 50's apron-wearing stay-at-home trophy wife.
The graphics are pretty solid, though. You get points for that.

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It should have more diversity then just having a lady fight flying mops. I think that you should have it like she uses the mops against burglars. Like Home Alone except with a women.

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Apr 9, 2013
10:36 AM EDT
Action - Fighting - VS