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William, I'm Coming Home

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Adrellia Village:
Season 3, Episode 44:
King William, I'm Coming Home
Runtime: 4:14
4/9/13 - King William travels the world after quitting his job as king, but the world is a lonely place so he tries to get back to Adrellia.

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I really liked the video, even though I'm not a huge Journey Fan. The music was smooth the whole time, and the animation was a good pair with the song. The humor was well timed as well.

However, I feel like sometimes the animation was awkward, and looked a bit bland. Some examples are when you have your character(William I presume?) look out into the sunset. The water against the sky against the grass looks choppy with the color combination but it does not diminish the quality of your work.

This is coming a person who hasn't seen most of your series by the way, but I find it enjoyable nonetheless. I would still say work on the scenes where you have water against sky or sky against the ground. The animation looks a bit low quality in those bits, but other than that, it works. I feel like you have created your own art style and I do not want to say that's bad. Just certain scenes it needs work done. 4 Stars!
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Well, I have to admit that I didn't follow this series too closely in the past few months, so I only get about half of what is going on here.

But I think it's amazing that you managed to keep this series running for so long. It's also amazing to see how much the quality has improved from the first episodes. The graphics are much better now, much more clear. And you also found a very distinctive drawing style. When I see the preview image in the flash portal or on the forums, then I don't even have to read the title or the author name to know that it's another "MistyEntertainment" flash. I think this pretty cool.

This flash is a pretty good music video. You chose a nice song for this one. It fits the story of the flash perfectly. And you also did some pretty good scenes for this as well. Showing all the emotions the former king is going through, how he is sad at first, but learns to enjoy life later on... but then decides that it's best to go back.

Overall: Very enjoyable flash and a nice song as well.

{ Review Request Club }

MistyE responds:

Thank you for the in-depth review. I'm glad you liked it.

I think this was quite well. However the only continuity error I seemed to notice is that if he made his son the king in #42, why does he still have the crown? Does he have spare crowns laying around just for various occasions?

The animation was very pleasant. There was little to no errors in regards to how the art was drawn. Also liked how Drake was shown at times as well.

The story itself is mostly about King William returning home. However it seems Drake is almost done training and ready for the tournament then returning home seeing as he is also sad to be gone and away from his best friends.

Also might not hurt to credit everyone from the credits in the credits to the left on this page unless they did not wish to be credited on this page.

Overall, looks great and a calming and happy piece showing King William may have changed a bit.

Review Request Club

MistyE responds:

Thank you for the in-depth review. With regards to the continuity error, King William does have a line in #42 where he says he's taking the crown with him. The advisor threw a toy crown at his son. The reason why Exedor, who storyboarded half of this episode, isn't credited, is because he specifically requested not to be credited. Everybody else is credited on this episode.

not bad but too long for the animation it has.

This was grander than I expected it to be. There's drama, there's comedy, and there's a desperate quest to return. The animation sometimes seems a bit idle compared to the music, but there's definately plenty of emotion in both of them.Some parts fit better than ohers, like the sun rising, the flashbacks when the chorus kicks in... other parts don't have any link to the music, but the music really builds up the atmosphere in this. Good choice of song too, it sounds like Ozzy (?) though I haven't heard the track before. Keep it going!


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4.13 / 5.00

Apr 9, 2013
12:22 AM EDT
Music Video
  • Daily 5th Place April 10, 2013