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Avoid the Dino

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Collect as many Eggs as you can but everytime you get one Egg, another Dinosaur is spawned. Clear 20 Eggs to move to the next level where the Dinosaurs act a little differently each time. On a Touch screen just touch where you want to go. With a mouse just keep moving. You can hide out or rest at the top of the screen.

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sometimes freezes

Pretty good, I like the sound effects and the way the dinosaurs are drawn. I really like how the difficulty slowly builds up and eventually becomes quite challenging. Overall it's a simple but good game !

tosoft responds:

Thanks for the positive responses everybody. Really appreciate you taking time to comment. I like the idea of adding obstacles in later stages and I really should have put in some background music. I at first did have a background but it seemed to make it look too busy. I might re-visit that...

Really fun. As it progress on it starts pushing you a little bit each level. Gets harder each time, which I like about a game. When it gets harder, it's never impossible, which is good. Maybe if some music and a mini prologue was added, i would have given five stars. Still, deserves a good rating for a nice, simple game.

pretty fun XD

needs some kind of story line to it- like why does the dinosaur need to collect the eggs, some music, some sort of background would be nice, some obstructions to go around, and switching movement to the arrow keys or asdw for a bit more of a challenge

tosoft responds:

Hey Deron, I read your profile. You should check out Scirras Construct 2 game making software. They have a free version and it's really easy to "program" with.