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Hands of War 3

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The Heartstone is still powerless as the factions of Tempor struggle to rebuild a broken nation. Can you unite the champions and discover the secrets of an ancient evil?

WASD/Arrows/Click to move
1-10 - Hotbar Slots
C - Open Inventory
M - Map
L - Quest Log
B - Abilities
V - Party Menu
N - Factions Menu
O - Options

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Nice game

I feel like the people below this post were entirely wanting hands of war 1 and 2 and nothing new, as far as im concerned, this game is objectively better. There is more stuff you can do, and you can even grind now if you really want via the repeatable quests/faction vendors selling amazing gear.

If you go into this game wanting the old ones, dont play this game. If you want to play this game, then expect it to be... modernized I suppose is the way to put it.

Personally I dont understand their criticism... adding new things to the game instead of 'hands of war 2.2' sounds better to me, since at that point youd just be playing the exact same game again, just with a different story and abilities/gear. Furthermore, the combat reminds me of MMO type games, like WoW, rift, etc, since you form a party, have a dps/heal/tank, and then go in and hope you can clear things. I personally very much enjoy this type of system and am glad this older game did it, and from what I can tell so far it was done very, very well. I like the unique idea of buying your abilities from faction vendors as well.

I'm mainly playing this game because of nostalgia. I loved the first two games for its simplicity and just the fact how accessible it is. Knowing that there is a third game excited me. But I can't help but notice that the game play is kind of a downgrade (in my opinion at least). I hate the fact I can't use my mouse to attack (i'm talking about spamming attack). The auto attack kinda takes away the feel for me. Another thing is the factions system, which I think is good, but in the older games, the first quest that a particular faction gave to you was bound to bump you up to the next level(Cordial, Friendly, Ally). The first quest for the Commoners brought me 300 points from the next rank, and there were no other quests available, specifically low level ones. Another factor that makes me mad is the difficulty spike. Your AI partner can be useless in the very first minutes, unless you attack the same person. You're fine for the first 5 minutes until you hit the forest, especially the first defense mission as I had to go through at least 4 or 5 times. Another thing is that sometimes my character tries to auto fight an enemy that is out of the visible map, which cancels the defense mission and makes me do it again. Sometimes the partner AI doesn't do any hits at all. Honestly, I expected more from this game because it was intriguing but just bored me by the drab and rather grayish art style. I could say that it was inspired by the Legend of the Void games, but I love that game mainly because of the game play, story, and the variety of enemies there were . The story in this game is fine as well, but the game play turned me off in what the story had to offer.

Agreed, whatever merits this game may have it's plain to see from the first battle there's no thrill involved. Having to keep 1 pressed in order to attack manually, seriously?

I loved the sheer simplicity of the first Hands of war game, but the second and third game are much too complicated for an rpg game such as this. I give it 3 stars for the love I have of Hands of War 1.