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5x5 10 Points

Break a 5x5 block!

6x6 25 Points

Break a 6x6 block!

Beat Sunrise 25 Points

Beat the 'Sunrise' level!

Master Sunrise 25 Points

Get 10000 points in Sunrise!

Beat Midnight 50 Points

Beat the 'Midnight' level!

Master Midnight 50 Points

Get 10000 points in Midnight!

7x7 100 Points

There's only one way to break a 7x7 block.

Beat Lightning Storm 100 Points

Beat the 'Lightning Storm' level!

Master Lightning Storm 100 Points

Get 10000 points in Lightning Storm!

Author Comments

TETRIS is awesome, so I made this as a tribute to the beloved game.

Made in less than a month from scratch for OneGameAMonth.com.

Thank you very much for playing, reviewing, and voting the game up! Be sure to follow me if you want to play more games like this (I encourage this type of stalking!).
And thank you for the front page, Newgrounds and Tom!

By me: Zanzlanz (Zanzlanz.com)

----- o ----- o ----- o ----- o ----- o ----- o ----- o ----- UPDATE!! ----- o ----- o ----- o ----- o ----- o ----- o ----- o -----
Due to popular demand, slippery placement (sliding) was added, and left/right controls may be held down to move the piece automatically. Also, a scoreboard bug was fixed and so was a sound bug. Keep the reviews coming - I will listen and reply!

----- o ----- o ----- o ----- o ----- o ----- o ----- o ----- WARNING! ----- o ----- o ----- o ----- o ----- o ----- o ----- o -----
May be extremely challenging to new players. But with time, you'll be a pro. Don't get discouraged; you're amazing! See below for information on how to play :)

----- o ----- o ----- o ----- o ----- o ----- o -- GAME CONTROLS AND HELP -- o ----- o ----- o ----- o ----- o ----- o -----
The concept is somewhat hard to explain until you actually begin playing. The goal of this game isn't to fill rows like in the original game, but to create squares of blocks (starting from 4x4 in size). The more blocks you manipulate, the more points you get! Don't forget to beat your friends and foes in the leaderboards and collect all of the precious medals (haha!).

There are three modes. Complete the first mode to unlock the second, and so on. Beating each mode results in a fun particle explosion and NEW STUFF!

Move the pieces to the side of the world to flip the world around, hence the name FLIPTRIS. Survive as long as you can!
The controls are shown during the game (kind of a bad placement, I agree, haha).

Press M to toggle mute.
See the credits menu if you want to download the music.

TIP: Use the Q and E (or Z and X) keys to jump the the left so you don't waste time moving the piece when flipping ;)

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i still cant believe people prefer mine blocks over this

Zanzlanz responds:

I was really proud of this one too, thanks! I only spent a month on it versus 9 years on Mine Blocks, but it definitely shouldn't dictate whether it can provide an enjoyable experience or not! :D

Fliptris more like flipetris XD

Zanzlanz responds:

Filipe-tris O__O

i'm crap at this game but i like the idea of it

Zanzlanz responds:

Hahaha, when you code a game you get used to it, then end up making it really hard xD
My bad xD


Zanzlanz responds:

Thanks xD

zanzlanz how can i get in mineblock saddie ?pls tell me

Zanzlanz responds:

By finding them.