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Jewel Mining

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Author Comments


As always I tries to do something new. The new thing is the hit test on a rotated object, that may not sound hard, but in flash it's a lot of mess. If you use a simple hittest i flash it will always turn an object to a squar, if you rotated it it just get bigger. The hit test is still not perfect, but good enough to play the game.

Art and programming(partly "Flash games university") done by me.

Do you want to share/publish this game? You find the game details at Mochimedia - follow this link http://www.mochimedia.com /games/play/jewel-mining

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I say tons of games are repetitive but this game is really repetitive!
The concept of just shooting cannon balls at gems seems a bit odd.
I think he should actually walk and pick the gems, but then again it is just a flash game and I wasn't expecting it because it would make too much sense.
Oh and the music is wonderful!

Well there are a lot of things you could do, first a power bar and then add a limited amount of balls to be shot each time so it will make it harder and make the player think.
I liked it finished it but too short and easy. It has potential

it was alright, i think that the other comments best describe what i think, however i would really suggest power bar and maybe a ricochet indicator, so that way i can see where the ball will go if i shoot it there

It's not the best. The music was catchy (Where did you get it?) Your graphics are alright as well. The main problem with this game was all around playability. It's really kinda boring with very little making it fun.

stian7 responds:

One of the iMovie/garageband jingels.

I think the game could have and very well should have been put together A LOT better. It's a good game and it has a good concept but the mechanics of the game just aren't sitting too well with me and apparently I'm not the only one who thinks so..
This could have used some kind of distance/power meter for instance. BUT the combo was a VERY nice and unique touch.(and of course a Newgrounds medal system would have been very nice as well)
Seeing how the game IS NOT finished untill all the gems are in the hands of that greedy old man I would find a way to make it MORE possible to get all the gems and keep the challenging touch at the same time. It may be difficult but it would make for an excellent game most players need something to work towards like being able to obtain all those gems if we fail to get them all the first time around. Adding a perfect score possibility would have been very nice as well, gives the players something else to work towards as well.
The music was pretty accurate for a game like this but waay too short. A never ending song with a subtle loop that can barely be noticed by naked ears would have been better and much less annoying, its not of grave importance but it's still a nice touch and not as distracting to the players.
Everything considered it's NOT a bad game, it's NOT a good game. It's a game with potential that needs to be worked on and some day mastered.
I do not the difficult of creating a game but I do know whats required. If you really want this game to get a higher rating than it's getting now work with it, don't rush yourself, become the player of your own game and put yourself in the players shoes. Be a gamer and a designer.

stian7 responds:

You know, feedback like this is just gold. Thank you very much for your right forward speaking and at the same time giving me advice! I will take it with me :)

1. I will take deeper look. Had some bugs myself.

2. Duly noted. Many have commented just that.

3. Sounds interesting, I will look into it :)

4. I know a song that goes on your nerves, I know a song that goes on your nerves, I know a song that goes on your nerves,I know a song that goes on your nerves... ;)

5. Thank you :)

6. Thanks for feedback!!

Credits & Info

2.38 / 5.00

Apr 6, 2013
6:22 PM EDT