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Dragon Ball - Korin Tower

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-Watch the animation till the end before you rate, the start is taken from the actual cartoon because i thought it would run smoothly with the joke at the end. I animated all of it though, it's not the actual video at the start - just the soundtrack.

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Some work is needed in audio department. Also there was no animation in the last scene.

I'd like to add that I feel the artist is lazy. There is obviously some trainning in drawing and illustrations yet no real effort in animation.

Try working in a collab of some kind, get some feedback by working with other animators, I believe your work could gain a lot form that experience.

I can't recommend.

>Kamay ah may ahhh
This is awful, sorry to say. Traced stuff, no action, and a punchline that falls flat on its face.

HDRevill responds:

It's bad but i didn't trace it haha

Climb the tower...uhhhhhh, WHAT! See ya later, BITCH!

Ok, but volume needs fix. it failed about half way

that was funny at the end. lip sync was a little off but nothing to crazy like those chinese movies. it was okay.