Anti People

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On his path to recovery (through the Alcoholics Anonymous Program) George has made it to the stage, where he needs to make amends for the things that he has done... but some relationships are beyond being salvaged.

Shot on the Cannon 7d.

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hopelesswonder responds:

Newgrounds is for different types of artists.... Film is an artform.

While this was "shot" well, it really wasn't very interesting at all. It dragged along, and the ending was uninspired, with the exception of the dead brother's ghost showing up, I suppose.

But listen to what people tell you about the site. Newgrounds has always been an animation site. That's why you see animations and games everywhere you look.

hopelesswonder responds:

This was an excerpt from a feature film that I wanted to shoot... this was the least expensive/most interesting ten minutes of the film to shoot. I can fully respect your stance on the film and I will make the necessary changes for the next short film.

I understand that the website is predominantly for Animation/Games... this website takes away much attention from my day job :) I feel that "Filmmaking" is a form of art and Newgrounds is "Everything, By Everyone"... Film is apart of that Everything :)

Well....... while I enjoyed the premise, this is not really the place for live action. The end was a little off though. I would have gone for a slightly different ending dialougue, what exactly, I dont know. Other than that, it was a well written and directed piece. As I said, Newgrounds isnt the place, which is why it only gets a 2 and a half, when in reality, its a 5 star production on a site for live action.

hopelesswonder responds:

I appreciate your input :) However, I feel that Newgrounds is ready for Live Action... and I am going to continue to put up short films :)

My favorite part is at 8:51

The acting in this film was hit and miss for me, There were good moments, and bad moments (the gunshot scene wasn't portrayed well IMO) But I enjoyed the camera work and pacing.

Nice seeing live action films on NG

hopelesswonder responds:

I agree with the gunshot... and I appreciate your feedback :) My next short film will try to top this.

Fun fact... the Director of Photography of this film, also DP'd segments in "Drag Me To Hell" and "Devil"

Nice job would like to see more stuff like this on Newgrounds. Good direction, nice acting, and a great story crammed into ten minutes. I especially like how such a nuanced and sympathetic villain was brought to life so realistically. Kudos to the director; 5 stars.

hopelesswonder responds:

I am glad that you liked this :), these awesome reviews have motivated me to get another short film going within these next few months.

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4.34 / 5.00

Apr 3, 2013
6:50 PM EDT