The Crystal Temple

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In this new temple, there are crystal portals that teleport objects around.

Help Fireboy and Watergirl get to the exit doors, grabbing as many diamonds as you can in the way.

Use AWD to move Watergirl and the arrow keys to move Fireboy.

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This is a great way to have fun with my sisters!


The serie is quality puzzle platformers but quite frankly? I think that at this point, it is getting a bit stale. Not because of the principle itself but rather the execution.

Keep in mind that I recognize the serie's quality but I just have to point out my point of view on what could use to be improved with the games.

The games have no plot, always take place in a temple, and use the same music and sound effects for every game. Although this newest game has truly better level design that feels significantly more fun than the previous games, the lack of any events whatsoever really hurt the game.

I don't know, even if just some interactions between the two main characters when you reach set stages, a basic reason why they'd be going through those big temples to begin with, any kind of aknowledgement when you do reach the end... and more variety, graphically.

The games feel really bland and although this could be excused with the first game, it's starting to wear thin now that we're at the fourth game.

Gameplay-wise, I believe the games could also benefit from more obstacles than just puddles of water/lava/acid. Maybe guards to avoid? Or having moving platforms? Not necessarely having enemies or bosses but just having extra obstacles other than locked doors and puddles would help the game, variety-wise.

Also, having more than one tileset for the entire game would help. As would a greater variety of music tracks. I also think you could use finding more voice tracks than just Young Link, especially for both characters.

Another bit of advice... although Fire Boy look suitably good, Water Girl look a bit awkward and not 'water-y' enough ; while Fire Boy has the full color, Water Girl look pretty solid. I think it would be nice to try and toy with their appearance, update them a bit.

In short? The game is good and I love the portal mechanic and how it was used. However, the lack of plot and purpose as a whole (and this is a shame as the idea alone of a boy made of a fire and a girl made of water could be used to make countless scenarios), the graphical monotony, the stale obstacles, and the stale audio means that the stage depend entirely and solely on its level design.

The level design in this entry *is* thankfully very good but I think you could use paying attention to the other aspects of the game too.

Pretty cool. I like the twin character and control idea and the models are cute. I'm not sure if the world needs another portal puzzle game but at least yours is well made. Also, bit confused. I'm pretty sure the hazards are lava and water yet Fireboy still dies in lava and Watergirl can't survive water?! I assumed they'd be traps for eiher one; lava turns Watergirl to steam andwater puts Fireboy out. Something to think about.


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4.35 / 5.00

Apr 2, 2013
9:55 AM EDT
Action - Platformer - Puzzle