Voyaging the Void

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EDIT2: Thanks a heap for the FP!

EDiT: 4th! Not bad! Thanks for voting

Spooce the Spaceboy is a measly janitor aboard his captians ship. But when things go awry, it's up to Spooce to save his crew.

Other things ensue.

This one was a fun one. I started it around the end of November for a competition called Nooni Media Animation Extravaganza, which I later came in 2nd place for. The theme for this round was "long distance" and this is what I came up with somehow. I didn't get to finish in the 25 days I was given to complete it, so I came back to it for the month of March and did it right up. I think I accomplished some cool things with this one. I think it's my most dialogue heavy cartoon so far so the lip syncing was a real challenge for me. Fun!

Animation, voices, and most of the music and sound effects by me.

Additional song from Kevin MacLeod

Additional sounds from Freesound.org


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PVT Spooce went out in a blaze of glory lol. He was pretty calm to be floating around in space. Funny animation thx

Brewster responds:

No, thx U!

one thing that grealty and devastatingly increaed your comedy is that you used music fantasticly in your newest flash. I think this one would have more crank up potential if something like that would have been done, too

Brewster responds:

Thanks! Yeah thinking back, I probably could've don something cool with the music in this one but I couldn't find a way to merge the "space" feel with the "bizarre comedy" feel.

Stick to this style; it's funny :)

Brewster responds:

I think it's pretty good

I loved the voice acting and just how woefully inept Spooce was (I lost it at him typing in >hi)
I though it was over after the missile exploded, but him floating around and talking to himself was what made it for me. Cool stuff!

Brewster responds:

Hehe thanks! Good thing he's dead now.

loled so hard at the end

Brewster responds:


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4.67 / 5.00

Apr 1, 2013
10:47 PM EDT