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Super Hard Quiz P1!!!

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Finished Part 1 100 Points

Isnt the title obvious?

Author Comments

Part one of possibly 10 of Super Hard Quiz!
Choose the most appropriate answer!
please rate and give feedback.

As promised, here are the cheats!
2. Diabetes
3. Meowth
4. Its a play for the audience
5. Click on number 5 in the top left corner
6. click the O in On
7. pad your mouse around until you find a black dot. click the dot
8. Click answer in the question
9. Less than 300000 but more than 200000
10. How the hell did those monkeys afford a doctor?
11. Frames per second, first person shooter, feet per second
12. Narwhals
14. Green
15. Big
16. It just stayed there for infinity
17. Doom
18. The Swedish flag with a missing colour
19. The moon
20. SA2 theme song (Sonic Adventure 2)
21. Gaming
22. Once I found the difference the numbers ceased to exist (0)
23. Click the speech bubble
24. Click stop (SECRET! you can move robotnik with arrow keys)
25. Better than no one was
26. I meant please hold my luggage. I have to go poop. urgent!!
27. Click the question mark in the question
28. Fus ro dah, then buy him a shirt he always wanted
29. ______ intruder (kitchen intruder)
30. Click the dot that is last in the 3rd horizontal column (the 30th horizontal dot)

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Heres a hint for all questions!
Look in the description -_-

octopus58 responds:

They were meant to be there. I told people that there would be question answers in the desc :I

Here is a hint for most of the questions:Just hold down the mouse on the question and if it says game over,let go on the background.The one that is blank and doesn't say game over is right.Nice humor.XD

octopus58 responds:

Shh... they dont have to know
Thanks :P, super hard quiz p2 WILL come out believe it or not, with even more things that dont make sense and other bugs and glitches!

Have you really looked at the Swedish flag ?

octopus58 responds:

yes. yes I have. By the way this one wasn't that good, im making a new one for android and pc
Sorry for the inconvenience (and again I searched up the Swedish flag, the game hints on a resemblance)


was meh, i looked at the cheats after about 15 minutes or so. i big thing is that, there is not such thing as horizontal columns...a column goes vertical and rows go horizontal...thus if you could change that in case extra...special...people play this game that'd be greeeaaattt