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Px World

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Author Comments

A game of a guy wandering around a world called PX. This game has not yet totally finished. I've just completed only 14 levels with one useless level. Very busy with my assignments and will update the levels very soon.

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Love the look of this game! minimal graphic design, from the particles to the font for level names. Soundtrack is awesome, but the full games gotta have some other tracks. I wouldn't change the graphics, they feel like something I haven't seen before.(although bearing many similarities to the indie platformer genre) The black and white really makes it stand out from the others. It looks good without being distracting. As you know, level 2-5 was nearly impossible, had to do a slight jump then a full double jump. I love what your doing with the twin characters, seems like you have a lot of experimenting to do with it. To be honest, the levels with two characters are so genius they kinda play down the other parts of the game, so maybe you need distinct worlds. My favorite element is the push-able platforms. Haven't seen that before :). I like the slippery controls, because you have tailored the levels for them. You gotta allow a double-jump without a first jump though.(like dropping of the side of a ledge). Great game, hope the full version reaches the masses.

xyv555 responds:

Thank you for your review! This game still need a lot of work from A to Z and it haven't finish yet. The push-platform is inspired by Greg Sergeant game, Making Monkeys :)

As you suggest, air-jump without first jump would make most of the game too easy. And yes, lvl 2-5 is actually unfinished. I had the platform placed a little to the bottom, making the jump impossible.

Stuck at level 2-5. Cool game 'tho

xyv555 responds:

Very sorry about the levels, the 2-5 level links is messed up. will fix this, thank you.

Good game, I love the simplicity of it, but that's about it.. nothing ruins a game more than bad controls, it ruined the feel of the game.

xyv555 responds:

Can't disagree with you. The controls is too sensitive and slippery. Will fix this. Thank you :)

While I like the simple graphics and a hop and bop game - the controls are way too slippery. Fun enough music fits the mood, and this is designed as a game to be played quickly. Fix the controls and this would be at least a 3* game.

xyv555 responds:

will do sir! will fix the controls and the sliding! thank you! :)

The controls worked to unusually for me. With some training I would most likely have no trouble with this, but it's not worth it for a single game. I'm not even sure what the issue is. I think you only have one speed for the little guy and no way to stand stop moving in the air? This means it is really hard to adjust your aim mid-jump. I'm used to slow down when I'm jumping too far but whenever I try it here it just moves backward instead. Design was pretty boring as far as I got, but that's normal for the first few levels. If you change the jumping mechanics to what (most at least) other games use I will try it again.

2.5 stars because despite having seen nothing new or interesting as far as I got I assume the later levels are more interesting. The unusual jumping doesn't factor in the score because it is not bad per se. I just don't want to invest time to become used to it.

Credits & Info

4.13 / 5.00

Mar 31, 2013
5:15 PM EDT